Eight tips on making new friends

Three friends, they look like they'd be good at making new friends.

Moving to a new city or state is often very hard. You find yourself in a new territory feeling lonely and insecure. People you grew up with are not by your side anymore. The same goes for your classmates and coworkers. You miss even your loud neighbors! At first you regret your decision to move away from your hometown, but you must know these feelings are perfectly normal. The best cure for homesickness and loneliness is making new friends as soon as possible. Here are ten tips on making new friends in a new city.

Pay attention to people you already know


The best thing is to begin from the start. If you have roommates make sure you get to know them better. Don’t hesitate to start a conversation with them and call them to join you for a cup of coffee. It is likely you will find out you have some things in common. You will without a doubt spend a lot of time together and it will be much more fun and easier if you became friends. Make a suggestion to go to a grocery store and pick up the things you need together. If everything goes well, after that you can take a walk and enjoy the fresh air. Also, you can ask them if they will like to join you while you’re getting to know the new city, when they have time of course. If they are also newcomers, they will surely be thrilled about it.

Colleagues and classmates

If you are in school or college, making new friends will be much easier. You can always start a conversation about your school subjects and homework assignments. Ask them to have lunch together during your break or to go for a cup of coffee after your classes. They will not say no because most people like making new friends. Also, if you don’t like to study on your own you can make a suggestion to form a study group. If they are interested, you can meet in your flat or in the local library. This can be both fun and useful for all of you. After spending more time together you will probably find out you have more things in common, not just school or college. The same goes for your colleagues at work. It doesn’t matter whether you have a full time job or not, you should use every chance to get close to people who surround you. However, if you see that someone is not interested in talking or spending more time with you – don’t be too pushy. People who think you are nice person to be around will be there.

People studying together.
Friends working together.

Friends of your friends

If your good friends by some chance know some cool people in your new town, do not hesitate to contact them by phone or social media. Maybe you already had a chance to meet some of them and they would like to see you again. Don’t be shy to ask them to show you the town. There is a great possibility you will become good friends. Moreover, they can introduce you to many people they know and hang out with. Making new friends is not as hard as you first thought it would be.

Other ways to make new friends

Sign up for new activities

Now is the time to take that Spanish course you always wanted or to learn how to play a guitar. If you are into sports – great! These are good chances for making new friends. Also, if you love reading, you can start visiting the local library. Just do the things you love and you will meet new people who share your interests.

Get a dog

You always wanted to have a dog? Well, now is the right time for that! Not only will he be your best friend, but he will also help you meet more friends! People tend to approach the animals more easily than other persons. When taking your dog for a walk somebody will ask you to pat him or play with him a little. Moreover, other owners will also approach you and start a conversation about your pet.

A girl walking a dog.
Best friends.

Find your favorite place

You know some coffee shop nearby that you really like? It has nice staff, a pleasant atmosphere and the music is really good? Excellent! Start spending more time there drinking coffee and reading books. As time passes, you will meet more and more people there and maybe even make new friends.

Put down your phone and smile more

Constantly looking at your phone makes you look busy and unapproachable. So, the next time you find yourself in a coffee shop – put it down. Make eye contact and smile more when talking to someone. This way you will certainly look more polite and open to meet new people.

Say yes!

Next time somebody asks you to go to a beach for a bonfire, a party or some place else, don’t overthink. Be enthusiastic about your answer. Show that you are a warm person interested in making new friends. If you turn down an invitation, it is possible it won’t come again. Don’t be afraid to go to new places and hang out with new people. Be adventurous and spontaneous for a change.

People jumping.
Friends having fun.

Volunteer for events you like in order to make new friends

There are many musical, cultural and charity events. Decide which are the best for you and contact organizers by sending a message or an e-mail. Other volunteers are interested in the same things as you are, so it will be easy to make new friends this way.

Be yourself while making new friends

When talking to people, be honest. Don’t pretend to be someone you’re not. When your goal is to make friends in a new city, you want to seem approachable, even vulnerable. Sharing your failures as well as your achievements with others will help you form a closer bond with people. If you are nervous about your exam or sad because you just went through a breakup, don’t be afraid to tell that to somebody. Good luck!

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