Secrets to staying organized as an international mover

Trucks on the road, symbolizing staying organized as an international mover.

Whether local, long-distance, or international, moving companies are the backbone of the relocation industry. Many other industries rely on and depend on them to run their operations smoothly, as well. As an international moving company owner, your goal is to keep your communication, planning, and organization on the highest level. Therefore, staying organized as an international mover is crucial, from small tasks to the overall operations of your business.

How to stay organized as an international mover

The main goal of an international moving company is to solve the problems of their clients. But, to do it efficiently, the company has to improve its operations first. From logistics and staff management to communications, everything has to run smoothly. Fortunately, we live in a time when most organizational problems can be solved by using suitable software. Combined with experience and the right set of procedures, this can be a winning combination when you want to stay organized as an international mover.

However, there are a few key points you will want to pay attention to as they will improve your business operations and relationships with your clients.

Here are a few tips about how to make your moving operations more efficient and stay organized as an international mover:

  • Use accounting software
  • Pick the right CRM system
  • Provide apps for drivers and other personnel
  • Invest in marketing
  • Focus on skilled workers
  • Keep your vehicles in good shape

Use accounting software

In the past, any international money transaction used to come with a lot of headaches. Today, we live in a digital era where you can manage transactions easily wherever you are. However, there is more to it than simple transactions between companies and clients. Namely, international relocation includes various fees, taxes, and similar expenses, and you have to keep track of all of them. Of course, an experienced accountant is a necessary asset, but accounting software will help keep all the financial monitoring in line. The bottom line is that the use of such software considerably reduces the chance of errors.

A piece of paper, a calculator, and a pen.
It’s easier to manage finances with the right software.

Pick the right CRM system

Nowadays, everything revolves around customer service. Therefore, if you want your moving company’s reputation to grow, you have to focus on your existing clients. But, you also need to pay additional attention to new customers. It’s the only way to ensure growth, especially if operating internationally. For this, CRM is a helpful tool because it allows you to manage those relationships easily and get twice as many leads as you currently have. Everything from data and documentation to audience targeting and communication will run smoothly, leaving no room for errors previously experienced due to human factors and poor information management.

A person on a video call with aa customer service representative.
Focus on your customers more.

Provide apps for drivers and other personnel

Another way to improve your international relocation process is to make it easy for everyone. Luckily, your employees don’t have to drag all the paperwork, customs documentation, and billings with them. They can have everything in digital form, making it much easier to find, access, and manage things. Additionally, many apps can help your drivers to plan their routes. Depending on the type of transportation you provide, there are different solutions for trucks, freight, and other means of transportation. On the other side, there are GPS tracking systems that allow you to assist your employees no matter where they are at the moment. Overall, eliminating all the unnecessary paperwork will improve the efficiency of many aspects of the international relocation process.

Invest in marketing

Today, it’s necessary to work on your marketing strategies. No matter the type of company, you will need to increase your brand’s visibility. You will need marketing specialists to work on your SEO, Content Marketing, SEM, and others.

When working internationally, the competition is much higher. Everyone competes with prices, quality of services, and efficiency. However, without marketing, no matter how good your services are, you will have a hard time getting clients. For this, you need to invest in everything from a good website to quality customer service.

Focus on skilled workers

One factor that affects your reputation is how clients experience their relocation. Up to a great deal, the level of professionalism of your workers influences this. International relocations are time-consuming, require additional effort, and place a heavy burden on your moving personnel. Those without enough skill and experience might not keep the needed level of professionalism throughout the entire process. That’s why you should focus on hiring skilled movers and invest in their training if necessary.

Keep your vehicles in good shape

Most international movers have their fleet of vehicles. These vehicles are used for long routes throughout the entire year. They carry customers’ possessions to distant places, which wears them over time. Like everything else, they will require constant maintenance to be able to operate in the long term. Not to mention it’s financially practical to pay attention to their condition. Proper and regular care will reduce the chances of incidents, errors, and damage. Also, the fewer problems your clients experience, the better reputation you will earn.

A mechanic repairing a vehicle.
Keep your vehicles in good shape with regular maintenance.

In general, the international moving process is complex. There are many factors and people you need to properly organize daily. To make it easier to deal with, you will need to use everything at your disposal to synchronize the different parts of the process. It’s necessary to make relocation smooth for your customers and your employees as well.  One of the biggest secrets to staying organized as an international mover is the proper use of software solutions. Coupled with a customer-oriented focus, a moving company can be efficient, modern, and competitive, no matter the scale of operations.

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