Questions to ask your realtor before buying an old house

Abandoned house.

You have decided to buy a house. It is a big step and a big financial investment. If the house you want to buy, old, should you buy it or not? How to make the right decision? This is why you need a reliable real estate agent by your side. You should ask your realtor before buying an old house everything important about the house and paperwork. He/she will know the answers and agents are legally obligated to tell the truth to potential home buyers.

Housing in Florida

Florida has a lot of older houses that were built 70 years or 100, for instance. To make smart real estate investments in Miami, explore research, visit a house a couple of times, get a home inspection from a professional, etc. Older homes are more complicated, especially when it comes to plumbing and electrical installations.

Inside of an old house.
Older homes have charm, but you need to check every detail about it


People are buying older homes because they worth more in terms of beauty and quality of construction. Also, they are cheaper than newer homes. Older homes have more charm and in the long run, they are a good investment. If you want unique beauty, an older house may be a perfect option for you.

What to ask your realtor before buying an old house?

Here are some of the most important to ask before you buy an old house.

Questions to ask your realtor before buying an old house
Before you sign a contract, make sure to ask the right questions
  • When was the last home inspection and where is that report? A home can be stunning, but, what about walls, roof, and installation. You cannot see this. You must see all the paperwork and study the inspection report before buying.
  • How is the roof? YOu will probably need to renovate a house before moving in, but big projects cost a lot, especially if you need to change the roof. Even if you are buying a secondary home, remodeling your vacation house will also cost.
  • What about the septic systems? If there is a septic tank, make sure it is in perfect working order. The owner and/or realtor should know how this system works.
  • Is the structure of the old house stable? If there is a lot of cracking walls or if the house is teetered to one side, call an expert to inspect it.
  • Mold and dampness are also potential problems in older homes. This can be because of a leaking roof or a flooding basement, which is a big renovation project. A damp problem can be hidden behind wallpapers.
  • Ask if there are wood rot and termites.
  • Asbestos can also be a problem in some older homes. It is very dangerous for your lungs.
  • How old are electrical installations and water installations?
  • Are there local laws you should know about before buying a house? Maybe there are some rules if you want to add additions to the house.

With this in mind, there shouldn’t be any problems with your home purchase. Make sure to consider all these questions to ask your realtor before buying an old house. With the answers from an expert, you will easily make an educated decision.

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