Moving to Saudi Arabia with your family – how to guide

Saudi Arabia

Relocating your family can be a challenging task. Mostly because kids can be overwhelmed by new experiences or simply against them. Don’t worry, moving to Saudi Arabia can be a great new adventure for you and your whole family. But you need to be well prepared for this relocation. All the paperwork must be impeccable. Also, you need to find movers to help you out so that the whole process can be done quickly and stress-free. Don’t worry, we can help you out. Read on to find out what needs to be done before you start packing your bags.

Moving to Saudi Arabia begins with paperwork

Yes, even though the paperwork is probably the most boring part of the whole process, it needs to be done. And, it needs to be done right and you need to learn about the process of moving to Saudi Arabia. First of all, make sure that all your passports are valid. The next step is a visa. Due to the global pandemic, now is possible for United States nationals to apply for a tourist e-visa to Saudi Arabia. The fully electronic visa allows tourists to go for up to 90 days at a time. But since you are moving there you will be needing a permanent visa called Iqama. Be prepared, also because of the global pandemic nowadays it can take longer to get it. If you are relocating from Kuwait you can enter without a visa, but from the USA you will be needing all the necessary paperwork to be done before you go.

passports you need when moving to Saudi Arabia
Are your passports up to date? Check that right now. It’s very important.

Pay attention to their laws and customs

It is important to learn their ways before you relocate. Some things that are considered absolutely casual in America can be strictly forbidden in Saudi Arabia. Alcholol is the simplest example of that. Different cultures, different rules. So in order to fit in, you need to know this.

Here are a few restrictions in Saudi Arabia that you may not know:

  • female car drivers
  • music lessons in school
  • public displays of other religions ( they are Muslims )
  • books about other religions ( like Bible )
  • solo females out and about
  • women are not allowed to work in some jobs
  • public physical activity ( kissing, hugging, etc )
  • consumption of pork
  • movie theaters ( they don’t exist )
  • alcohol

All those rules are mostly because of their religion. Even though they do have some level of understanding towards ex-pats, they expect you to abide by their laws just as much as they do. So do some research about this topic to make sure that you are prepared for this relocation.

Moving to Saudi Arabia

You will be needing assistance. When you are moving locally from one city to another, you can save some money and DIY the relocation. But long-distance relocations are not as easy as local ones and that’s why everyone is hiring pros to do all the hard work. Talk to your movers, write them. Ask them all the questions you might have, movers from will be happy to answer.

Saudi Arabia
You will be needing some help in order to relocate to Saudi Arabia.

Starting the process

After you do that it’s time to pack. You should of course start with decluttering and prioritizing. There is no need to bring anything. Coffee mugs can be found there just as well, so keep that in mind. In fact, almost all household items you own can be found there, but you need to bring something right? If packing makes you overwhelmed, you can talk to your movers, they can usually provide you with packing services as well.

Preparing your family

Little kids like toddlers are happy to go just about anywhere with their parents. They don’t really care or understand. So if you are traveling with toddlers, this relocation will be quite easy. Just make sure to bring their favorite toys. On the other hand, teenagers are known to be problematic. Don’t worry, even though they will be resilient at the beginning there is much you can do to help them understand. Start by showing them a new school. Also, try to find some cool and fun places you will be visiting soon. Sometimes they simply need some additional explanation and time to adjust. Of course, your teen might be just perfectly happy to start packing bags.

A toddler in a park.
Moving to Saudi Arabia can be great for the kids too. Older ones will be needing a little bit of time to adapt though.

What to do before relocation

Make sure to go to your kid’s pediatrician. You need to bring their whole medical history with you. Of course, you should do the same for yourself. Make sure to notify others about your upcoming relocation. Don’t forget to notify the bank. Also if you have any subscriptions that are coming monthly or so to your place, cancel them on time. There are a million little things to do before relocation but you have enough time.

Learning about Saudi Arabia and its culture

We covered what is not allowed. But, we also need to talk about all the nice things you will be experiencing soon enough. They have a monarchy system which is a new concept if you are coming from the USA. They provide free public health care services which is something that you don’t see in America right?

Saudi Arabia is famous for its oil of course. Also, this place is the origin of Islam. Arabian horses are worldwide famous as you probably already know. The world’s largest sand desert (Rub’ Al Khali) is there just as is the world’s largest oasis (Al-Ahsa). You are probably already drinking famous Arabian coffee. You will see countless palaces there, veiled women, countless mosques. And Bedouins everywhere. Bedouins on horses, Bedouins on camels, Bedouins with falcons, they have them everywhere.

Good luck

Hopefully, this article helped you to learn more about Saudi Arabia. Good luck and your new adventure and remember to stay safe and keep all the health guidelines during relocation. Good luck and safe travels.

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