Moving from Miami to LA for work – Where to look for housing

moving from Miami to LA for work

A lot of people from all over the country have been moving to Los Angeles for work. This is because it is one of the biggest business centers in the country. Plenty of companies have their head offices there which is why lots of people are moving from Miami to LA for work. This is a long-distance relocation meaning there will be a lot of things to do in order to make it possible. It will not be easy an easy process. And one of the hardest parts about moving from Miami to LA for work is finding housing. LA is a busy city with lots of people and lots of neighborhoods which is why we have decided to tell you where would be the best idea to search for housing if moving from Miami to LA for work.

Downtown Los Angeles

If you are moving from Miami to LA for work you certainly are looking for a home located close to where you are going to be working. And as most business offices are located in Downtown LA, the best location for you to live in certainly is Downtown LA. Living in this are has many pros besides the fact that you will be living minutes away from where you work.

Downtown LA is where you have everything you need. It is the epicenter of all happenings. The best shops, bars, clubs, and restaurants are located in this area which is going to make finding what to do in your free time very easy. Los Angeles is a fun city so truly no matter what part of town you live in you will always have something to do.

Downtown LA.
Living in Downtown LA has both pros and cons.

There are some disadvantages of looking for housing is downtown Los Angeles of course. For starters, it is crazy-expensive. The prices of housing are high throughout the entire city of LA and the downtown area has some of the most expensive housing prices. Another disadvantage is that this is a very busy part of the city to search for a home in. Especially to rent. LA is very busy, a lot of people move there every week which is why the apartments rent out very fast. This is why you should start searching for a home on time if searching this area. Once you do find an apartment in Downtown LA and it is time to move in, remember that skilled people can assist you.


Living in the very center might not be a lot of people’s cup of tea but a lot of them still want to live close enough to the center. If you are one of those people who do not want to live in the center of the city but still be close to it, Chinatown is the perfect neighborhood for you. There are plenty more things making this a good option to consider looking for a home in if moving from Miami to LA for work.

Chinatown LA.
Living in Chinatown barely has any cons which is why a lot of people decide to relocate to this area.

One of the first things is the location, of course. The second thing making this a good place to live in as a Miami ex-pat is that there are a lot of people from Florida living here. A reason for that is that the housing prices here are not as high as they are in downtown LA. Homes in this area are small which is why they are not expensive but they are very nice. And a huge plus is that in your surrounding you have lots of places where you can eat some amazing food for not a lot of money. Royal Moving Company can assist you with relocating from Miami to this part of Los Angeles.

Echo Park

If you are moving from Miami to LA for work and you are taking your family with you, you might want to consider a more peaceful neighborhood. One of them certainly is Echo Park. Even though it is located near DTLA, living in this area makes you feel a bit isolated from all the happenings as this is a very lovely and peaceful neighborhood to live in. Even though this is where a lot of young people live, it is still a nice area to live with your children as it is pretty safe. We cannot forget to mention just how beautiful this neighborhood is because of nature.

Echo Park is where you have some of the best date locations which if moving as a single person can be an important factor. Plus, meeting people here is easy as there are a lot of places in Echo Park where you can do so. There are plenty of bars and cafes and restaurants where you can get some great food and drinks but also meet the locals. And if you are not only moving but also expanding your company to LA, this is the perfect neighborhood to have an office in if you manage to find one.

echo park.
We cannot skip over mentioning just how beautiful this neighborhood is.

More neighborhoods to consider

Los Angeles is a big city. It is much bigger than Miami. It is why there are so many neighborhoods to choose from. And making the final decision will certainly not be easy as each area has its pros as well as its cons. Choosing between LA and Miami is hard as both cities are amazing but sometimes making a change is a better idea.

Here are some more places to consider:

  • Frogtown
  • Culver City
  • Highland Park
  • Koreatown
  • Silver Lake.

There are dozens of neighborhoods for us to tell you about. Living in Los Angeles is going to be fun no matter which part of the city you live in. Just make sure you pick a safe one and one that you can afford to live in. The rest is, more or less, not as important as LA truly has everything you need no matter which part of LA we are talking about.

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