Moving from Miami to Idaho: 6 places to consider for your new home 

Idaho on a map, read about moving from Miami to Idaho

Moving from Miami to Idaho is an exciting new challenge in your life. Idaho is a massive state, and it has many different cities, so it can make moving there harder. The variety of choices can sometimes be overwhelming. To ease your mind, we have six cities to consider for your new home in Idaho. And before you pick a moving company for your relocation to Idaho, remember the importance of reading moving companies reviews

Moving from Miami to Idaho – consider Kuna

The first entry in this article is Kuna. Kuna, Idaho, has experienced rapid growth in the last 20 years, tripling its population. According to the 2020 U.S. census, the population is about 24,000. Here are the most significant benefits of moving to Kuna. 

  • The first benefit of moving from Miami to Idaho and choosing Kuna is the closeness to Boise, the capital of Idaho. The distance to downtown Boise from Kuna is 29 km. You can reach the capital of Idaho between 20 and 30 minutes if your drive non-stop. Because of the short proximity, it means that you can effortlessly get all of the opportunities that Boise has to offer. 
  • The second benefit of living in Kuna is the slower life of a smaller town. 
  • And finally, if you want to start a family, the town is suitable for young families. The median age in Kuna is 31, so you will have someone with whom to spend your time. 
people putting their hand together
In Kuna, you get a community with all the benefits of Boise.

So if you like what the town has to offer, settle in without any trouble with Kuna local movers. They have over 130 years of experience in the industry and know Kuna well. With With Kuna local movers, your relocation will be stress-free. 

Choose Boise 

We already mentioned Boise in the first part of our article. Let’s talk about the capital more in-depth. 

Nobody who is thinking about moving to Idaho should forget about Boise. With a population of 228,959, it is not the biggest city in America, but it has a lot to offer, from recreation to arts and culture. 

an image of gray buildings in Boise
When moving from Miami to Idaho, consider Boise.

If you want to spend your time outside, choose one of the many parks in Boise. But the most popular outdoor area is the Boise River Greenbelt. It follows the Boise River, and on the path, you can find many parks. 

And if you want art, you can always check out Boise’s art collection and enjoy looking at public art in the city. If you like Boise and need extra space to store your items, make sure to watch out for traits of good storage space

Think about Moscow, Idaho 

Moscow is a college town, and there is a younger crowd. Many people come here because of the University of Idaho but stay because they fall in love with this charming town. The town has something for everyone. For those who like alternative movies, watch one at Kenworthy Theater. If you enjoy live music, many bars in Moscow feature many local bands. And the best part of Moscow is that it is easy to go around you can reach anywhere by bike or foot. In addition, you won’t feel unsafe because Moscow has low crime rates. So if you want to move to Moscow, Idaho, can assist you. Their experts will help you pack your items and unpack them when you arrive in Idaho. 

Moving from Miami to Idaho – choose Idaho Falls 

About 63,000 people are living in Idaho Falls, located on the Snake River. Idaho Falls is suitable for people looking to start a family. Compared to Miami, you will have a small-town feel with all the benefits of Idaho Falls’ exceptional school system.

For nature lovers, you won’t have to settle if you move to Idaho Falls. Yellow Stone Park is only a two-hour drive away. But the biggest reason to move to Idaho Falls is the cost of living.

The cost of living in Idaho Falls at 87.7 is lower than the national average. In addition, the cost of living is lower in Idaho Falls if we compare it to the state’s average at 97.7. Everything that you need to have a happy and stress-free life is cheaper in Idaho Falls. And if you buy a home in Idaho Falls, check out energy-saving tips for your new home

Consider Pocatello

The population of Pocatello, according to the 2019 U. S census, is 56,637. The city is in Bannock County, and it is the seat of that area. The town of Pocatello provides its citizens with many outdoor activities and parks. And if you want to get into shape, you can always join the community center. The biggest employers in the city are the school district and 

Idaho State University, but there are other job opportunities besides in education. And the cost of living in Pocatello is even lower than in Idaho Falls at 84.6. The housing market is affordable – the median home cost is 230,400.  

a pink piggy bank
With a cost of living of 84.6, you can save money by living in Pocatello.

Moving from Miami to Idaho – you might like Nampa 

Nampa has a population of about 80,000 people it is in Canyon County. The final entry in our article is another city close to Boise, only twenty miles away. And you can reach the capital swiftly if you take Interstate 84. The town has a rich history that starts in the 1800s. The school district is excellent, and it covers all levels of education, from elementary schools to university. The cost of living is not the lowest on our list, but it is reasonable at 94 percent. However, the two downsides of living in Nampa are the high crime and poverty rate.

You are ready to move to Idaho 

With the six places we have talked about, we hope to make moving from Miami to Idaho less difficult for you. And if these six places are not to your standards, you can always do your research. Good luck! 




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