Miami lifestyle – what’s new?

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If you are looking for a great city to explore, or a new place for your family home, Miami is a great choice. This is the city famous for its vibrant nightlife, healthy living and lots of interesting people. Among other popular cities in the US, this is the place where the sun is always shining. With so many sunny days a year, you shouldn’t miss enjoying everything this city has to offer. Miami is one of the top US cities for singles, and there are some new venues opening each year. With so many people looking for a perfect night (or a day) out, Miami lifestyle is constantly updating. Take a look at some of the new venues that you can enjoy in this city. Whether you are moving to Miami or just visiting, you shouldn’t miss some of the greatest new places in Miami to explore.

Ad Lib – a new place to eat and enjoy a Miami lifestyle

Among many other restaurants that are about to be open in Miami, Ad Lib is one of the most interesting ones. The location of this place is going to be Coral Gables, and the concept should be a perfect choice for art lovers. If you love combining art, food and American food, you should consider booking a reservation in Ad Lib. The mix of elegant interior and traditional food will amaze both tourists and Miamians alike.

Miami lifestyle
With so many people looking for a perfect night (or a day) out, Miami lifestyle is constantly updating.

iLov305 Steakhouse & Nightlife

If you love exploring Miami lifestyle and always looking for something new, here’s a place for you. ILov305 Steakhouse & Nightlife is a new concept made out of food, good music and VIP events. This luxurious 9,000-square foot venue offers everything you could want to enjoy Latin culture. Great food, cocktails and parties combined – is there anything else we could ask for? Since this place is brand new, get your friends and make sure to check out this Havana-style club!

Central Fare

Another one of the bright stars of Miami lifestyle is the Central Fare. This new food market is about to be opened in 2019 and it’s going to be located in Downtown Miami. If you love exploring new food and checking out the food hall with over 20 different vendors, this is the place for you. Whether you are a food lover, or you’re looking to buy some authentic local groceries, make sure to check out Central Fare.

Café La Trova

In the center of Little Havana, a new café is opening – Café la Trova. For everyone enjoying the Miami lifestyle to the fullest, this is the place to visit. This place is going to offer a Cuban cuisine while following modern trends. If you are into Cuban music, food and lifestyle, you shouldn’t miss visiting this place. Café la Trova is a little piece of Cuba in the middle of Miami!

Time Out Market

During the February of 2019, Time Out Market is about to be opened for visitors. Just like the Central Fare, this place will probably become one of the top tourist attractions in Miami. Located on Lincoln Road, Time Out Market is going to be a mix of restaurants for everyone’s taste. If you are into trying out spectacular food, you shouldn’t miss visiting this place. Some of the world-class chefs like Antonio Bachour and Norman Van Aken will present delicacies in this spectacular food place.

fresh food
Just like the Central Fare, Time Out Market will probably become one of the top tourist attractions in Miami.


For everyone who loves eating sushi, there’s a new place in town. At the beginning of 2019, a new sushi place – Mandrake – is opening. If sushi is your food of choice, you should check out this high-end restaurant and make sure to enjoy high-quality food. While you’re here, don’t miss attending one of Mandrake’s cabaret shows and many other live music events.

Preparing for Miami relocation?

If you plan to move to Miami, you are making the right decision. This city has something to offer to everybody. Miami lifestyle is equally tempting for families, young professionals and single people. If you are planning on moving to a distant place, you should consider moving to Miami, Florida. In order to prepare for life in Miami, you should know what you are looking for in this city. The first thing you should research is which neighborhood in Miami would be perfect for your new home. Also, depending on your daily habits, you should look for a neighborhood that will help you enjoy your new Miami lifestyle. After finding a good place for your new home, don’t forget to hire a good real estate agent to help you find a suitable home in the city.

Don’t waste your time – book your movers and head to Miami!

Whether you plan to move from another city in Florida or you are moving long distance, consider calling professional moving assistance. In order to successfully move to Miami with your family, or relocate your business to this city, a moving company can help you organize every step of the moving process. If you are moving from New York to Miami, a good moving company like can help you with the transportation of your household. In case you need to move last minute, or you want to transport special items like antiques and valuable items, consider booking reliable movers before your Miami relocation. 

Great food, cocktails and parties combined – is there anything else we could ask for? Miami offers something for everybody.

Miami lifestyle is known to attract people of all age. If you are considering a life in this city, research the internet and get to know the city. Even better, find out what’s new in the Miami lifestyle for 2019 and book your plane ticket!

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