Leaving Miami for the Upper East Side: 6 things to know

Aerial view of the Upper East Side.

Living in one place your entire life can become exhausting at some moments. And because of that, it is normal to start dreaming about moving to other sites. Miami is a city that has everything. And it is quite tricky to find another place that could offer you the same things. But for sure, you should consider New York City. Leaving Miami for the Upper East Side is definitely something you should consider and do. This is one of the best neighborhoods that NYC has, and you won’t regret it. After living in the city in which you have seen all of, there is no better place for you. So give it a chance.

First, let’s see why is leaving Miami for the Upper East Side a good idea

To be able to understand why is moving to the Upper East Side a good decision, you need to know more things about this neighborhood. So let’s start from the very beginning. As you know, this is a neighborhood in New York City located in New York County. There are 201,765 inhabitants and most of them are young professionals and retirees. Also, it is quite good to know that they all tend to be liberal. As you know that NYC is expensive, and this neighborhood is as well. Because the median home value is $1,338,852 and the median rent is $2,467 most of the residents are owners. Which is definitely understandable.

You should also know that even though it is in the heart of New York City, the area feels densely urban rather than just urban. You can find everything that you need there. Various types of fast food,  restaurants, bars, coffee shops, and malls. And most importantly, you will live right next to Central Park. So you will have your escape from the fast city and life a couple of minutes away. Remember that if you decide it is worth giving a shot and moving to NYC, you should rely on experienced people when it comes to moving. Your relocation will be safer and much faster. So why try to complicate that?

Winter time and experience you would have leaving Miami for the Upper East Side.
Leaving Miami for the Upper East Side will bring you new adventures and experiences.

One of the best things about the Upper East Side is the museums you will get to see

Because of living in the same place your entire life you had countless opportunities to explore everything. And yes, you have seen it all and you know everything there is to know in Miami. But, New York City has much more to offer. And even better, everything will be new for you. So let’s begin with the art and museum. This city has thousands of interesting museums worth visiting. And the best ones are located on the Upper East Side. You won’t be able to find any excuse, because they will all be located a couple of minutes away from your apartment.

You don’t have to be a fanatic for history to visit all the museums. Neither for art to visit the galleries. They all have various themes and things that you could do. Also, the best thing is that you can learn plenty of new facts and topics. Some of the most popular museums you will get to visit if you move to the Upper East Side are The Met, Guggenheim, Mount Vernon Museum, The Design Museum, Frick, and many others. It is also a great way of having fun when you get bored or it is a rainy day. Consider museum and gallery visits as a fun way to relax when you feel like it.

Safety should be the primary thing

You might think that you know what is it like living in a big city with many inhabitants. Well, when compared to New York City you have no idea. As you might know, there are 8,5 million inhabitants in New York City. And it doesn’t matter what gender you are, walking alone in the dark doesn’t bring the best feelings when you don’t feel safe. Well, in the Upper East Side you will definitely feel safe. Violent crime such as murder, assault, rape, and even robbery is lower than on a national level. It is important that you understand that this isn’t for the entire of New York.

Safety is a fact just for this neighborhood and it should be a good enough reason for you to choose it. That being said, you better hurry up and see if some moving companies such as Clean Cut Moving are available for the dates when you want to relocate here!

New York City at night.
If you decide to live in the Upper East Side, you will feel safe.

If you like food then the Upper East Side is for you

There is no such thing as someone who doesn’t like food and trying new dishes. We all do love this, even though sometimes we don’t want to admit it. Don’t worry, you will have plenty of places to explore when it comes to food. And even better, you will get to try various cuisines as well. But first, focus on finding pro packing tips so you can relocate, and then you will explore the taste of the Upper East Side.

For all the shopaholics – there is a lot to visit

If you thought that Miami was great for shopping, just wait until you get to the Upper East Side. This neighborhood has plenty of shopping malls and shops around each corner. Not only those regular ones but from the most luxurious to the very cheap second-hand stores. So hurry up and come here so you can have the best Christmas shopping experience ever.

Apartment building in NYC.
Start your apartment hunt as soon as possible.

Be aware of some challenges you might have

If you decided so far that leaving Miami for the Upper East Side is a good idea, there is one more thing you should know. Since this is a huge city with a lot of people, you need to know that finding an apartment for rent might be a little bit tricky. So, to avoid any sort of delays and unwanted scenarios, better start your apartment hunt on time. And that is as soon as possible, of course. Only after you have a contract for the apartment you can start looking for those movers that will get you there.

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