How to mentally prepare for a cross-country relocation with kids

A man holding his two kids

Any type of relocation is stressful, especially cross-country relocation with kids. However, like anything else in life, if planned and organized well, it can be easy. There are a lot of things you have to pay attention to and take care of and we know how stressful and overwhelming this might be. Here’s a guide that will help you out how to prepare both mentally and physically!

Cross-country relocation with kids – how to prepare

First things first, remember the reason why you are moving. Whether it being a new job or something else, it’s a decision affecting the entire family. This is why you have to have to sit and talk with them. Explain the reason behind the move and make them feel included. Give them time to accept and adjust to the new major life change that’s about to happen.

Moving with toddlers and preschool kids

Kids this age are the easiest to move since they don’t have the capacity to understand what exactly is happening. However, you should still try to explain what is going and make them feel included. The best way to do that would be to use some of their favorite toys. The good thing is that younger kids, under the age of 6, don’t really have a problem changing the environment as long as they are with their parents. You should also make sure to explain why you are packing their toys and assure them that you won’t throw them away in case they start to panic. Also, if you have a chance, we would suggest taking your kids to visit your new neighborhood.  They might even meet new friends along the way which will make the relocation more exciting for them.

A woman playing with a child before the cross-country relocation with kids.
The good thing is that younger kids, don’t really have a problem changing the environment as long as they are with their parents which makes relocation with kids much easier!


Cross-country relocation with kids – School-age children

Elementary school kids will probably be more open to the move, but you’ll still have to talk to them and prepare. They are also at this time of age where they probably gained some friends and might not feel comfortable changing environment. Also, make sure to pick the perfect time for relocation. Some people will say it’s best if you move with your child during the summer break. Others will say it is better to do it during the school year because this way your child can make new friends right away. You know your child the best, so figure out what is the best time for your relocation! In case you are moving to Miami during the school year, here are some tips on how to handle everything!

Relocation with kids – Teenagers edition

Now this one will be a challenge. The first thing you need to prepare is a lot of patience and understanding. Teenagers will be the ones to rebel against the move for sure. This is kind of logical since they already built a circle of friends, have a best friend, a romantic relationship, and a routine they follow. They are comfortable and they don’t feel the need to change that. Make sure to explain the reason for the move. Let them know that this change will bring good things in their life and that it might be good for their future. Ensure them that they will be able to come back to the old neighborhood to visit old friends. Just be patient and calm and let them adjust because it will take some time so make sure to have this conversation as soon as possible.

teens sitting on the bridge
Teenagers will be the ones to rebel against the move for sure because they already feel comfortable where they are and do not want to change that.

Preparing for relocation with kids

Relocation is hard. Now imagine what a cross-country relocation with kids is like. You have too many things to think about! All of the paperwork, packing and transferring all your items. It’s very important to create a plan so you can make your relocation with kids stress-free.


Packing the right way is one of the key steps of the entire relocation process, especially relocation with kids. We know it’s stressful and exhausting but it requires your full attention. One of the main reasons why we say packing is important is because it affects the protection of your belongings. If you don’t pack the right way, some of your personal items can end up damaged or broken. First, you should get all of the packing materials. You will need a lot of boxes or plastic bins, packing paper, tape, and a bubble pack. The most important thing is to follow these steps and protect your items for safe relocation.

mom and kids packing
One of the main reasons why packing is important is because the protection of your belongings depends on it.


Organizing a transfer is not easy at all. You have to pack yourself and your kids. You are also expected to organize the transfer of both your belongings and your kids. And since this is a cross-country relocation, it requires so much more attention and planning. Our best advice is to hire professionals and cross this task off your list of things to worry about. If you decide to do so then find reliable teams to help you while you relax and focus on other things you have to finish before the move.

Hiring profesional movers

Cross-country relocation is exhausting. Especially cross-country relocation with your kids. There are just so many things you have to think about and do. Since things will for sure get chaotic, we would sincerely suggest hiring one among the moving companies available at They will provide you with reliable and easy-to-use information regarding not only the relocation itself but everything that comes with it.

Moving day

Make sure to be ready when the moving day arrives. This day will be hectic so be prepared. Make sure both you and your kids get enough rest the night before the move. Good luck!

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