How to Decorate Your Rental for the Holidays

Holiday decorations you can use to decorate your rental for the holidays.

The most wonderful time of the year is officially around the corner! It is the season of magic, mistletoe, and cheer; of lovingly prepared, home-cooked meals, Hallmark Christmas movie marathons, quality family time, and memories! But first, you need to set the mood by getting every inch of your home into the holiday spirit. And while we are all for giving your entire place the North Pole treatment and creating a holiday explosion in your abode for end-of-year merriment, pulling out all the stops may not be the best idea if you are a renter. Still, there are many small ways to decorate your rental for the holidays that make a big impact. Are you ready to get your rental all dolled up for the holiday season? Read on!

Rethink the traditional Christmas tree

It truly wouldn’t be Christmas without a tree all smothered in tinsel, twinkly lights, and glittery Santas. And although nothing’s fresher than cutting it down yourself, you may not be in the situation to support the local farmers this year. Perhaps your rental complex has strict policies against using real trees, wreaths, and greenery. Or, maybe the square footage doesn’t allow you to host a giant pine. Whatever the reason, there are still many easily removable, space-efficient, faux alternatives you can stick proudly in the middle of your lounge without getting a big “bah humbug” from the folks in charge.

A living room corner with a fireplace and a Christmas tree.
As a tenant, your options may be limited, but nothing should stop you from bringing some Christmas cheer into your new home.

You can purchase a small artificial tree (slim profile or tabletop model) to use in your rental. Another trend is to decorate your existing houseplants with battery-operated fairy lights. If you would like to get creative, then you can decorate your rental for the holidays this year by adding your own crafts to your holiday decor. You can make a mini DIY Christmas tree out of virtually anything.

For instance, you can use washi tape. Decorate an empty wall with the outline of a tree using washi tape. Then, if you have some baker’s twine in your craft collection, use it to hang ornaments along the inside of your tree. You can also use an old pallet to create a 3-dimensional tree by cutting out a triangle, a simple “trunk”, and a stand from the leftover boards.

Set up a hot cocoa bar

The chill is here, and not many things can make your heart feel warm and cozy such as a hot cup of cocoa. Setting up a self-serve hot chocolate bar is an incredibly fun way to bring some holiday-themed cheer to a small corner of your new home, especially if you plan on having your near and dear ones over for the holidays. You get to play with table décor and – better yet – customize your cocoa with your favorite treats, flavors, and sprinkles!

A young woman decorating a Christmass tree.
When the time comes to choose your Christmas tree, go faux.

Highlight family memories

Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or Three Kings, enjoying quality time with your family and loved ones is what makes a holiday the most special time. Thus, showcasing your favorite memories and family traditions can be a great way to make your nearest and dearest feel closer if you’re spending the holiday season away from them. If you’re together, on the other hand, it makes a perfect opportunity to surprise them by taking a trip down memory lane and reliving your favorite moments together. Or, you can organize a photoshoot and make new memories!

Family at a holiday celebration taking a selfie.
festive season is the time best spent with your loved ones. Time to remember all your favorite moments from the past and make new memories!

Once you print the photos, you can cluster a collection of frames on a mantel or a ledge for a minimal footprint. If you like the idea of plotting a gallery wall, there are many renter-friendly solutions to do just that. If you are a tenant, you can try hanging your photos on decorative ribbons and attach them to your wall using washi tape. Then, to give it a holiday touch, use some greenery and LED lights around it.

Feel more like home

Also, note that displaying your favorite mementos is a perfect way to make your new place feel more like home. Moving is far from easy, and having to bid farewell to everything you’ve known is the hardest part. That is why it can be helpful and comforting to create a home that feels authentically “you”.

And not only that! Moving can also be especially tough for children, particularly because it is a stressful life event. For this reason, if you’re looking to settle down with your kids, it is on you to do everything you can to make the relocation as easy for yourself and the kids as possible. Making their new place feel like home is one of the ways they can do that.

Swap out everyday pieces

Just because you’re a tenant, it doesn’t mean you have to think small when you want to decorate your rental for the holidays. It only means that you need to find a way to make it work. All you need to do is pick out a few pieces in your home and swap them for something that is a bit more seasonally appropriate and easily tucked away at the end of the season. Think festive pillow covers you can slip over inserts you use year-round, snug throw blankets that are large enough to cover you from head to toe, an area rug, or accent decoration. Sometimes, it is the subtle switches that make a bigger statement.

Light up the wintery nights

Evocative and soothing, the soft glow of candlelight creates just the right ambiance for the festive season. It evokes the feeling of coziness during those cold winter nights. Adding a dazzling display of renter-friendly battery-powered flameless candles in your window, on the mantel, or around the apartment is one of the best ways to decorate your rental for the holidays. Another easy way to light up the holidays without causing any damage to the walls or doors in your rental is to throw some twinkle lights inside a lantern. Then simply cluster them wherever you choose around your home.

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