Home staging tips for waterfront properties

A beach house.

We are here to share some of the best home staging tips for waterfront properties. Selling a waterfront home can be quite challenging but so can selling any other home. Even though there are some risks when buying this kind of property, people still love them. They just take flood and other insurances. So, let’s start with the tips you might want to apply.

Home staging tips – the most important part

These images of you and your family and the lovely kid’s drawings are not what potential buyers are looking for when they visit your home for staging. If you want potential buyers to envision themselves and their life in your home you will need to declutter and depersonalize it. Decluttering is all about getting rid of all the clutter. Depersonalization is something else entirely. It is all about getting rid of anything too personal like pictures. This holds true for any of our listings, but it is especially relevant to waterfront properties. You can even remodel the place before selling it, but that takes a lot of time (and money).

A man cleaning windows
Every surface needs to be clean.

The view is crucial

When the view from a waterfront home is obscured by trees, trash, garden waste, and unruly bushes, it defeats the purpose of the whole purchase of this kind of property. Remove any trees, shrubs, or other obstructions to the amazing view of the ocean. To ensure that the buyer can enjoy the view – clean the windows and get rid of any heavy curtains you might have. You want the home to look clean and presentable as well as bright. Now we are on to something. While preparing your home for selling you should also prepare for your upcoming relocation.

Renting furniture

If you are selling an empty place, you should consider renting furniture and staging your home. Potential buyers will be able to see the full potential of the property this way. Sometimes it’s hard to imagine things and that’s why many people rent furniture. To make the place look like home. Professional movers like Father & Son Moving & Storage will be able to help you when moving furniture. Or if you have something to store obviously.

SOme of the rented furniture in an empty home, which is in accordance with the home staging tips for waterfront properties.
Renting furniture can speed up the process.

Wow factor – the final among home staging tips for waterfront properties

Homes on the water are beautiful and bold at the same time but there are so many of them. You need a wow factor and the nautical theme is always on point/  If you want to go even farther with the nautical theme, you can include it into your decor. We recommend sea-themed paintings or wall colors, and seaside seating tablecloths. Maybe you can even add ship steering wheels on the walls. Adding sand and seashells to your decor will heighten the nautical theme, as will lighting fixtures and fragrant candles inspired by the ocean’s waves.

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