How to hire decent long distance movers in Miami

long distance movers in Miami

Miami is definitely one of the best places in the world for a living. That is exactly why there are so many people who are planning a relocation to the best city in Florida. At the same time, moving industry in Miami is constantly growing. And that is a good thing as you’ll have a bunch of options to choose from. On the other side, when the offer is that big, you’ll probably come across some low-quality movers. Hiring moving company with a poor quality of service can be dangerous. Not only it will give you additional stress, but it can cost you even more time and money. Especially if you are planning long-distance relocation. And you need to ensure stress-free relocation. That is why you need to be extremely careful during your research. Here you’ll find many useful tips on how to hire decent long distance movers in Miami.

Why is Miami a great place to move to?

Before we start with tips for finding the best long distance movers in Miami, let’s talk about this city a little bit. When someone mentions Miami, the very first thoughts that come to your mind are Miami beaches and beautiful weather. Even though those are one of the best perks Miami has to offer, there are many more things that making this city great for living. In all honesty, you’ll probably not be able to spend all time sunbathing next to the ocean. On the plus side, you’ll do it on weekends during the whole year as Miami is one of the warmest cities during winter in the US. So, if you hate cold winters and snow – you’ll love Miami. But before you start planning every spare minute on the beach you should couple of things.

Sand beach
Even though they are beautiful, beaches are not the only fun thing in Miami

Many Miami residents are actually not going to the most popular beaches as they are overcrowded with tourists. And as you’ll become a local once you move there, you’ll have a lot of time to explore this city. You’ll be happy to hear that there are many other places and activities that do not involve swimsuit. And let’s be honest, after a couple of months, you will want to try something else than sunbathing. If you are a sea-sports enthusiast, it will never be boring in Miami. Even though surfing is the most popular, there are many other types of entertainment such as scuba diving, skydiving, water-skiing, open gyms, etc. And working out is a big part of Miami’s culture. As it is always warm and shiny, everyone wants to look good. This is why there are so many people showing beach-bodies all the time.

How to start pursuit of long distance movers in Miami

First of all, you need to know what types of relocation are there. Moving is not simply relocating items from one place to another. There are numerous factors that are involved in this responsible business. Speaking about types, there are two distributions, depending on the distance and type of items. We will go through both in order to help you to understand how complex relocation actually is.

Distance factor

A road
Long distance moving is more complicated than local moving. It takes more time, money and effort.

If you look from the perspective of the distance, there are two types of moving:

  • Local moving – this is the most common type of relocation and involves short-distance relocations. This can be from one street to another within the same town, or relocation to the very close city or borough. It usually doesn’t take more than a day, and comparing to the other type, it is very affordable. This is the type of relocation that you’ll need if you are moving within Miami.
  • Long-distance moving – this is not that common type of relocation. At least for the major group of people. Long-distance moving means that you are moving from another city, state or even country. It is more complicated than local moving, takes more time and isn’t something that everyone can afford. Not to mention that there is a bunch of documentation you need to handle, especially if you are moving from abroad. On the other side, interstate moving is not that complicated, but still requires a lot of preparation. It is the same for the moving companies – it’s much more complicated to perform a local than long-distance move. That is the reason why there are not many long distance movers in Miami.

Type of items factor

It is not the same thing if you are moving with just one suitcase or relocating your entire home. Similarly, there are different approaches for the relocation of your personal and business items. Depending on the type of items, there are two major relocation types:

  • Residental moving – this type involves moving your personal belongings. There are a few synonyms, such as home relocation, personal relocation or apartment relocation. Even though this type of move was the most common, nowadays it takes about half of the market share. Usually, it doesn’t involve special equipment, unless someone is moving delicate things such as a piano.
  • Commercial moving – or business move or office relocation is the second type. Comparing to residential moving, in this type of relocation movers are usually using specialized equipment. That is because business equipment can be very large and delicate. There is no place for mistakes when it comes to commercial moving. Even the tiniest mistake can lead to damage which can have tremendous devastating consequences for the client. Even though this type of move is more expensive, it happens as often as residential moving. And that is not a surprising fact. As it was never easier to enter a new market, moving companies started to specialize for this type of move and include it in their offer.

You need to research quite a lot

Now that we covered all moving types, we will help you to find the very best long distance movers in Miami. There are several things you need to take care of. But before we start you should be aware that this pursuit will take you a lot of time. That is why it is highly recommended to clear your schedule and make some time for this important task. If you do it right, you can be sure that nothing will go wrong during moving day. Or at least that you will do everything in your power to prevent any troubles. Finding good movers to hire is not an easy task, and it shouldn’t be. The worst thing you can do is hire the very first moving company you come across, without even trying to investigate a little bit deeper.

A person writing something on the paper
Make sure you have pen and paper all the time. and write down everything.

So, make sure nothing or no one disturb you once you begin with this research. And write down everything. As soon as you start, you’ll get a ton of information, and no one has that good remembering skills. If you forget even one small thing, it can bring a lot of difference. That is exactly why it is highly recommendable to have a pen and paper next to you all the time. Whatever you think can be important – write it down, as it’s probably is. Keet these notes close to you and regularly check them. This is the best way to handle all the information you get and put them to good use.

Makings of decent long distance movers in Miami

Before moving to Miami you should know some things. Speaking about decent long distance movers in Miami, there are some features that make one moving company good. What you need to do is to find movers with such characteristics. Luckily, once you familiarize with these features, you’ll have no problem recognizing good and reliable long distance movers in Miami. Here are things you need to check in order to make sure that movers you investigating are good.


The very first thing every decent moving company must have is a license for the job. That is the essential thing for any moving agency on the market. If they are not registered within the national database of movers, they are not good. As a matter of fact, they are probably shady and the only thing you want to do with them is to avoid them. Just imagine a situation that you know that pilot who will be at your plane does not have a piloting license. No one sane would ever step into that plane. Same applies here. If moving company do not have an active license, skip them. Important to realize is this is not a risk you should even consider taking.

Miami skyline
Any decent long distance movers in Miami will have a license

Now, the best way to check if the company does have a license is to visit US Department of Transportation website. Every licensed moving company will have a so-called USDOT Number. You can ask the company’s representative to give you this number, or you can simply try to find it by company’s name. Sometimes, a company registers only within the state. And that is totally fine for local moves. But, since you are looking for long distance movers in Miami, you need to make sure the company you are about to hire is registered for moving activities within the whole US.


A hand holding bubble with airplane
Extra few dollars now can save you a bunch of money in case of an accident

Equally important as the license is an insurance policy. Moving company you are hiring must have an insurance. This policy will cover any damage that can occur during relocation. Even with all precaution measures and security protocols, no one can predict one bump on the road that can lead to dents on your furniture. Exactly in such misfortune situations, insurance is a life savior. Therefore, once you contact moving company that looks interesting to you, ask them about insurance. Sometimes, this insurance is part of the deal, meaning that it is included as a regular item in the offer movers give you. Other times, you’ll need to pay extra for this service. And that is ok. If that is the case, make sure you spend those extra few dollars as it can save you much more money later on. Better safe than sorry.

Have in mind that long distance move can take up to a few days. Maybe even a week. During this time you do not need any kind of stress or problems. That is why you need to prepare everything prior to moving day. If you are moving to Miami alone make sure you get ready for the first couple of days in the city. Good planning is the key to the successful relocation.

Check what others have to say

Client’s satisfaction is the something every decent moving company should strive for. It is the best proof of the quality of service movers are offering, and most efficient marketing channel. That is why every good moving company will proudly display stories of its clients on the website. Usually these stories under the section “Testimonials” or “See what others said about us” or something similar. There you will find stories which almost always are presenting benefits and good side of those movers. Even though these stories can help you to get a clearer image about those movers, you shouldn’t rely on them completely. Moving companies administrate these websites, so these stories can sometimes be fake. Once you read these stories, try to find more reliable sources of information.

Person using laptop
The internet is your best friend when it comes to checking movers’ reputation

For that purpose, you should go and check moving-related internet forums. These are non-biased places, and posts you find here are much more reliable than ones form movers’ website. Here you will find both positive and negative aspects of making a business with a certain moving agency. It should give you a better perspective and help you realize if movers you are investigating are good or not.

Take these stories seriously. Try to reach out a person that wrote them, in order to get more detailed info. Ask your friends, colleagues or neighbors. Maybe they know someone who recently moved. Try your luck. Hiring long distance movers in Miami is something you can do only if you are a hundred percent sure that they are experienced, reliable and good. And one more thing – once you finish your relocation, take a decent break as you’ll need to recover from this great undertaking, so make sure you take a beer after moving to Miami. Cheers!

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