Getting a dog – things to consider before your new friend moves into your new home


You’re planning to get a pet for your new home – but you’re not sure is it a right decision. Dog is a living creature and not a toy. So before you get a pet – and it can be any animal, not just a dog – here are some universal rules to consider when getting a dog.

Getting a dog – pros

Dogs are certainly the most popular pets out there. They can brighten up your mood, make you feel less lonely and show a whole new level of the word love. They also love people unconditionally and are always happy to see you. And moving in may be the perfect time to get it, as you will have more time to commit yourself to a dog. Especially if you’re single. For more, read our moving to Miami alone article.


Getting a dog – cons

If you get a dog, you have to consider that you have to walk it every morning and night. Even if you have a backyard, dog needs your love and dedication. You also have to know that your apartment will probably pick up the dog smell and you will have to clean more often than you do now. Besides this, when the dog is little, it will probably make a mess here and there, so keep in mind you will have to take care of it more. With this, what will you do with it once you travel? If the dog is small in size, you can take it with you, but if not, who’s going to take care of it? If you have a roommate or you rent a place, they have to agree on taking a dog too. And lastly, this is not a short-term decision, as dogs live for 10 years and more.  

people with dog
Getting a dog in college can be the best decision ever

Dog is not just another obligation

If you believe that the dog will additionally burden your schedule, you are wrong. Walking is mandatory because the dog has to run, socialize and breathe fresh air. Still, these everyday walks will not only be good only for the dog. As your pet plays with other dogs, you may expand the circle of friends, stretch your legs, and discover new places. So this is not a commitment, but a privilege. This should be a proper approach to the idea of buying or adopting a dog. It is similar with plans. For more rad our moving your plants done right article.

To buy or to adopt

Are dogs with pedigree better? Will the stray dog succeed in accepting the home and adopting the acceptable behavior? There are no accurate, precise answers to these questions. In any case, the animal will treat you the way you treat it. A dog can be your best friend, regardless of origin or appearance. Ask yourself: do you hang out with people from academic circles only? What do you value people for? The answers to these questions will give you an insight on what you think about this matter. You should be guided by your wishes and not by superficial thinking.

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Give me attention

Puppy or an adult dog?

Anyone who says that it doesn’t matter if you take an adult dog or a puppy is wrong. Puppy requires a lot of care with three meals a day, plus you have to train it. Training means teaching it where to go, what it should not bite while its teeth grow, where it can climb on and so on. An adult dog is better as it probably knows most of these things, but may need more time to adopt. In any case, taking care of a dog is like caring for a child. This should be kept in mind when making a decision to getting a dog in college.

How much does a dog cost?

In order for your dog to live longer, you need to give it proper nutrition and sufficient love with a lot of physical activity. The grown-up dog is vaccinated once a year and collars and ampoules against fleas and ticks are necessary throughout the year. Of course, there is food, which should be adjusted to the size and age of the dog. You cannot feed the dog with bread or the remains of your lunch, because dogs need minerals and vitamins. As it is not advisable for a person to eat dog food, neither should a dog eat only the human food.

Dog on vacation: yes or no?

Some pets don’t like trips while others adore them. If you are planning to go away and you want to take your pet with you, use the car if possible. Take it to places by the sea to connect the ride to something nice. Here are some of the most popular Miami beaches. Another option is to leave the dog at the boarding house, which can be expensive – and may be a traumatic experience. The third option, perhaps the most ideal, is to ask a close friend to stay with your dog. This article on how to

Getting a dog was a good call to make.
Friends forever

Big or small dog

Many people believe that big dogs don’t belong in the apartment, but this in not true. Dogs that live in your backyard need as much love as the dog in the house. You need to walk it, feed it, spend time with your dog, and it often happens that dogs that are on the leash the whole time get neglected. The answer, again, lie in your instinct, so you decide what is best for you.

A male or female

This is a question that future owners ask the most when selecting a dog. Females have the heat twice a year, and there is a chance you will get puppies. Males on the other hand, are more aggressive when they are in the company of other males. The truths is that gender and race are really not important, because males and females have their own advantages and disadvantages, so do not worry about these issues.

We hope we solved some of your concerns when it comes to getting a dog. You always need to think in advance when it comes to this, so be smart and don’t get a dog just because you think it’s cute. Take it because you will provide love and care to your future pet.

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