Exciting benefits of moving from California to Florida in 2022

The beach in Florida.

The warm climate, miles of coastline, and shared adoration of Disney theme parks are just a few of the many similarities between the Golden State and the Sunshine State. That’s why it shouldn’t be shocking that so many people from California wind up in Florida. There are many benefits of moving from California to Florida and not just for seniors. The differences between the two states are substantial, despite their similarities, and can have a major impact on your standard of living. Let’s discuss why you should relocate to Florida, how much it will cost, and what steps you should take to make the transition. Exploring the said benefits will also be fun and we will show you who can help you once the time comes to relocate there.

Let’s start with the obvious benefits of moving from California to Florida

There’s no doubt that it’ll be a big adjustment to leave the mountains and seasonal temperatures for the coastal towns and humidity of Florida, but the Sunshine State has so many positive qualities that make it a wonderful place to call home. First of all, living expenses are much lower in Florida. If you’re looking to relocate from the most expensive state in the country, California, to the second least expensive, Florida is a great option.

More jobs are available, and the cost of living is lower, in Florida. In comparison to California’s 4.2% unemployment rate, Florida’s is 3.8%. In addition, Floridians who enjoy the outdoors will find the state to be a paradise. Due to the state’s population density, many Floridians find that moving to California is a lot less of a culture shock because of the state’s reputation for outdoor living. Florida is a great place to go swimming, catching fish, walking, riding a bike, and boating because of the pleasant year-round temperatures, abundant sunshine, and miles of coastline.

The beach in Florida
This view is also one of the obvious reasons.

Do you know about Florida’s education?

In case you are planning on starting a family here, we have some great news. Florida is also known for their great schools. So, if you are wondering about your kids’ future, we have some good info for you. The high percentage of ELL (English Language Learner) students is a distinctive feature of Florida’s school system. The high quality of its educational institutions is also widely praised. The state of Florida consistently ranks among those with the best AP test scores in the country. The students here have shown marked growth in their performance over the course of the last few years. For some, this might not be a piece of exciting news. But, for parents – it really is. Even students from New York are moving here.

Something exciting for everyone

Here is some amazing news for younger people. Florida is not just for retirees. This state can be quite fun as well. In fact, some cities like Miami are widely known for amazing nightlife. Miami has the best parties and they are on the beach. That can be fun. But there is so much more to do here than just party. Theme parks are a huge hit. Disneyland, Sea World, Universal Studios, or Peppa Pig World can be the perfect place to have fun with your little ones.

Lower taxes are always a plus

The state of Florida has the lower tax rate of the two. Sales tax in California is 8%, the highest in the country, while in Florida it is only 6%. An income tax that is 13.3 percent is levied in California, while there is no such tax in Florida. For new businesses, Florida’s low tax rates can make a world of difference. This can be a great place for your business as well.

taxes sign on a pile of banknotes
More of your hard-earned money stays with you.

The view

Yes, California has stunning landscapes, but Florida has some of the world’s most stunning beaches. These pristine stretches of white sand are routinely rated among the world’s most beautiful beaches. This area is the best when it comes to fishing as well.  Florida’s varied landscape and abundance of beautiful scenery range from historic seaside villages  (St. Augustine for example) to the incredible natural habitat ( like Everglades National Park).

Job opportunities

California is a fantastic place for job seekers as you well know. But because of that, the competition can be rough. Too rough in fact. Florida on the other hand is often forgotten as people sometimes see this state as a “retirement state”. Obviously, that is not true at all. Florida is a fantastic place for job seekers and it’s especially great for those looking for a job in the real estate line of work. Even for digital nomads.

Just imagine working near some of the most amazing beaches in the whole world. Moving from California to Florida can be a bit tricky. Long-distance relocations are always tough. So, you might want to arrange a stress-free transfer with a little bit of help from professional movers.

A person using a laptop to find a job moving from California to Florida
Your dream job might be right here. Make sure to research your line of work through the cities to see which one will be the best.

Hiring movers to help you to move from California to Florida

With the right kind of help, everything is possible. Rockstar Pro Movers can make this whole relocation easy and even stress-free for you. Finding adequate help can make all the difference. After all, why not start your new life the easier way if you can?

Before we go

If you are wondering if this relocation is a good idea – the answer is YES! If you think that moving from California to Florida is a good thing for you then chances are – it will be. All you need to do now is prepare for this new chapter in your life. Good luck and hopefully we will hear from you soon enough.

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