Energy saving tips for your new home

An eco-friendly home.

Energy costs are getting higher and higher and also our planet is polluted. Weather is changing, there is global warming, and we are spending too much money on energy bills. So, there are a lot of reasons to think seriously about this problem. If you need energy saving tips for your new home after moving, you are in the right spot.

Energy saving tips for your new home

Think green and think about future generations if money is not enough problem. The average family in the USA spends about $2500 on utility bills each year, which is not a small amount of money. These tips are cost-effective and good for the environment too – what is better than that? Not only you can make your new home eco-friendly but also, make your move eco-friendly too.

Coins and a man with a lightbulb symbolizing energy saving tips for your new home
Energy saving tips for your new home will save you a lot of money too

Low-cost improvement

After moving, it is not enough only to unpack your items. Often, your home needs some repairs. If your budget is not that big, but still, you want to make your home eco-friendly and to save energy, you can. Besides unpacking tips, here are some every-saving tips.

  • Lower your thermostat when you are not in the house. If the temperature is only 5 degrees lower, you will notice a difference in your monthly energy bills.
  • Install low-flow showerheads in your bathroom and save 2.5 gallons per minute.
  • Seal all windows (gaps and cracks) after moving with silicone caulk and there won’t be air leaks.
  • Replace bulbs with CFLs or LEDs because they are more effective.
  • Unplug chargers when you are not using them.
  • Start a compost pile if you have a backyard in your new home.
  • Turn off unnecessary water and save more than $160 per year. For example, turn off while brushing your teeth, or turn on a washing machine only if it is full of clothing, etc.

Bigger home improvement

If you have more time and money, you can save more energy in your new home. These projects are a little bit more expensive, but in the long run, it will save you a lot of energy and money.

  • Insulate your house and it will be warm during winter and cool in the summer.
  • By installing solar panels, electric bills will be so much lower. It is one of the expensive energy saving tips for your new home, but it will work in the long term.
  •  Hire a professional energy auditor and he/she will inspect your entire home and give you some ideas for improvement.
  • Buy energy-efficient appliances (fridge, AC, Stove, washing machine, etc.) because they save so much more energy.
A sign for recycling and energy saving tips for your new home
All the items you don’t need after moving, recycle

Live green!

Note that living eco-friendly is not that hard. Now when you have energy saving tips for your new home, you can apply some of them according to your budget. You can also save money on your move too, no matter if it is a local or long-distance relocation. Help your environment and increase a household budget.

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