Documents you need when moving abroad with a newborn

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Moving can be tough and stressful. Especially when moving with kids you get tense and start to worry. This is because with every move there is a lot that can go wrong. When children are involved there is, even more, to worry about. When moving abroad then things can quickly get even more complex and multiply. So good preparation is in order where ever you are moving to. Knowing how to go about organizing such a move is important. One of the aspects of this preparation is the preparation of documents you need when moving abroad with a newborn. Although you can always seek professional assistance, being informed is a plus.

What documents should you prepare when moving abroad with a newborn?

Moving abroad can get complicated fast. there is a lot to go wrong and preparing well is important. Good preparation will keep you out of trouble. Timely preparation will help you predict all of the issues that can happen and prepare and avoid them on time. You should be serious and tackle this preparation process with the utmost responsibility. Handling travel documents is one of them. When traveling a long way suddenly finding out that you don’t have all of the right documents can prove disastrous, especially when moving with children. So make sure you know all about the documents you need when moving abroad with a newborn. Professionals can certainly provide more information. Getting assistance from, international moving experts can prove invaluable in this respect. Still, here is what you should prepare and have with you. have and prepare

  • Passport
  • Proof of relationship
  • Child travel consent
  • Visa
  • Birth certificate
  • Medical records

To be clear, preparing and worrying about all of these documents can be tiresome. When moving with your family you want to concentrate on settling into your new place, adapting, and creating new memories as a family. However, preparing your children for a move and making all of the other preparations is also important. Missing any of these documents can start your move on the wrong foot. It would considerably complicate your move and give you an unwelcome surprise. So, besides worrying about the moving process and organization you should think about paperwork too. It can be crucial, especially when moving abroad with a newborn.

Person holding passports for moving abroad with a newborn
Make sure all of your documents are in order when moving abroad with a newborn.


A passport is probably the most important document you can own and take with you abroad. Whatever the child’s age their passport is the primary form of identification and proof of citizenship. As such getting a passport even for your newborn is a must. You can get a passport for your babe in a matter of weeks while in urgent situations you can speed up the process. However, it is advised that you take care of this document well ahead of time and as soon as you are certain you will travel abroad.

Proof of relationship

Everyone when travel is involved takes exceptional care of the children and their wellbeing. To keep children safe all authorities, especially for international travel and moving demand that you prove the relationship to the child. this is especially important if you are divorced or the child doesn’t have your name. In all of these cases, the authorities can prevent you from traveling with your child unless you have some proof of a relationship. Documents for proving this are usually a marriage certificate, adoption documents, court order, child birth certificate, etc.

Travel consent

A travel consent document is a necessity whenever a child is traveling without both of its parents being present. Whenever a legal guardian or parents are not with a child the person moving with a child needs to have this consent. This is basically a document signed by the legal guardians that give permission for the child to travel with their companion. This document should contain the passport number of the child, basic information, contacts of the parents the destination, and travel arrangements. In some cases, it should contain court custody documentation or proof that the other parent is deceased. this document should be notarised and you should keep in mind that different countries and customs offices will have different requirements.

Border crossing gate
Maek sure you understand the regulations of the country you are traveling to


A visa is another document you should have with you when traveling especially with your child. However, this document is not a requirement per se. It will depend on the country you are living in as well as the requirements set by the country you are traveling into. So, it is wise to get informed about the legislation and restrictions of the country you are moving to. If the visa is required then you should acquire it for the whole family. Be sure that even if all of you have valid passports you will be denied entry into certain countries without a visa. Make sure to check and double-check these requirements so you can avoid any nasty surprises.

Birth certificate

Make sure to prepare your children’s birth certificates. The fact is when moving abroad you are essentially starting a new life. Every country has some sort of regulation about the information you have to provide. This is why your birth certificates are important. They provide all of the basic and necessary information about you and your family. Although most people misplace these documents make sure to find them and prepare them in anticipation of your move.

Medical records

In order to be on the safe side you should always carry your child’s medical records when moving across borders. It is just a question of getting them for your chosen doctor’s office. It is important to carry these documents in your Essentaial Box or bag so that doctors in your chosen country will know about your child’s medical conditions. Even if the child is completely healthy knowing about the vaccines, medications, and medical treatments received, is a necessity. This is particularly important in case the child has a NY medical conditions

Family packing suitcases
Mae sure to pack your essentials bag including your travel documents

A final conclusion

Any move demands additional preparation of important documents, IDs, and records. Make sure to get informed. Know what you need when moving abroad with a newborn and older child so you can avoid any issues and problems in other countries.


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