Cleaning your kitchen before moving from Miami to NYC

These kitchen cleaning tips will help you avoid troubles

The nearing moving day makes you so excited! You’re moving to one of the greatest cities in the whole world, you’re moving to NYC. Don’t let the euphoria make you forget the essential thing for getting your deposit back- cleaning your kitchen before moving from Miami to NYC. The most of the landlords insist on this, so forgetting to fulfill your obligation would mean wasting the deposit. Don’t do that. Moving to New York brings a lot of expenses. Miami – New York City move is a very long distance relocation. It costs a lot. Plus, there are the additional expenses that could ‘hit’ you right after you relocate. For example, your new home could be unprepared. Or there could be some unplanned cost of any kind. Any dollar you can save, we suggest not to waste it.

The rest of the home is quite easy to clean, after you clean your kitchen properly
Clean your kitchen properly, and the rest of the home cleaning will be a piece of a cake

This is why we decided to write a few tips on cleaning your kitchen before moving from Miami to NYC. Having an idea of what’s to be done could help you a lot. Prepare for the home clean-up process prior to making a move to NYC from Miami. Or get ready to waste the deposit, and potentially cry over the spilled milk after some sudden expense appears right after you arrive at the Big Apple. We suggest you take our advice. Read on and prepare properly for house-cleaning. It could be a very demanding process, requiring professional NYC cleaning services. We shall give you a tip or two for hiring the professional home cleaners too. Let’s move on and learn all there is about the cleaning your kitchen!

Guide to cleaning your kitchen

Before we start with these easy and simple tips for home-cleaning adventure, we shall suggest a few things. If there’s not enough time to do everything right, or if you feel like you couldn’t do it properly, we suggest you hire your NYC or Miami movers to do the cleaning too (if they offer such a service) or find home-cleaning professionals that can do everything efficiently and at the low cost. For example, North Eastern Cleaning and Restoration is a company offering both- moving and cleaning your home. So why waste the money and hire two agencies to do those two things if you can hire one company offering to do the entire job? In case you want to do all, or some of the cleaning process by yourself, here are some pieces of advice on what you could do to make your kitchen shine:

  • Cleaning the oven and stove: This is probably the most demanding part of cleaning your kitchen before moving from Miami to NYC. There will be a lot of greasiness to get rid of. 
  • The dishwasher clean-up: Make sure you truly disinfected it before calling your landlord for a check-up.
  • Your drawers are probably easy to clean, still…: Put an effort and make it obvious there is nothing firty or uncleaned there after you finish.
  • Your sink might take a while: It doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to clean and disinfect it. It means you might need to spend some time doing it. Especially if you had troubles with the obturation.

Kitchen cleaning tips

The kitchen clean-up process depends on who owns the kitchen furniture. If it’s your furniture, than just the basic clean-up would be ok, you could clean it detailed after you move to your new home in NYC. On the other hand, if it’s the ownership of your landlord, it must be properly cleaned before you leave the house. Of course, if you want your deposit back. Here are some tips how to clean the kitchen:

  • Oven and stove: 

    Consider hiring experts to help you with cleaning your kitchen before moving from Miami to NYC
    Cleaning your kitchen before moving from Miami to NYC- You could consider hiring the experts to help you

    Before you start, get the proper equipment (the gloves, goggles etc.) given that you shall use the strong chemicals. You can purchase the chemicals for this, or you can make your own cleaning dilution. For example, the baking soda can help you a lot. Whatever you use, if the landlord owns the furniture, make sure it shines after you clean it. And make sure you use the gloves, to avoid the injuries. Turn the power off.  Put the dilution all over the oven. And don’t clean it immediately. Wait for a while (at least half an hour) before you wash it. If you need the help with choosing the proper chemicals or making a dilution, we’re here for you! One of the best solutions is 100 grams of soda and 1l of water. It can help a lot. Repeat everything with the stove

  • The Dishwasher

    Given that it’s probably not so dirty, the one thing you should do is to disinfect it. You can do that with one cup of vinegar. It makes everything perfectly disinfected. You can put the vinegar in the bottle of some detergent, and spray it all over the dishwasher. Don’t wash it for half an hour, after that, everything will be perfectly fine. 

  • The drawers

    The drawers won’t be that difficult to clean too. Even if there is something difficult to clean, you could use the lemon juice and soda. It cleans the surface and disinfects it at the same time. 

  • The sink

    Use the soap, the detergent, or one of the previously mentioned dilutions. If it doesn’t do the job immediately, clean it several times and you’ll be fine.

Cleaning your kitchen before moving from Miami to NYC is the toughest part of cleaning your home

After you cleaned the kitchen, the rest of your home will be a lot easier. After cleaning your kitchen before moving from Miami to NYC, make sure you unplugged all the kitchen devices. And make sure you clean the fridge and the freezer too. Many people forget to do this.

The kitchen is probably the most difficult part of the home for clean-up. If you do this properly, the rest will be almost a piece of cake. So prepare your nerves for scrubbing and rugging, get the proper tools, equipment, and dilutions, and start cleaning the kitchen before moving from Miami to NYC. We suggest you do this on time, given that you must do it right! 

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