Best Miami sport and outdoor activities

Miami is truly a place to be if you are kind of person to always seek outdoor adventures under the Florida sunny weather. These are just some of the very best things you can do to feed your wonder-lust or simply stay fit if you move to Miami. Here are Best Miami sport and outdoor activities.

Best Miami Sport and Outdoor activities

Best Miami sport and outdoor activities




If you are ever tired of a concrete jungle, why not travel to Everglades national park? Located on the most southern tip of Florida (and just little of Miami) you will find that its tropical climate serves as a perfect environment for many amazing species of birds, turtles, alligators, snakes, lizards and such. Not only is it a World-heritage site, preserving great beauty of untouched nature, but it also presents a great place to go for biking, hiking, canoe, air-boat riding and camping. While on these rides you will not just be able to feel free from urban life hassle under an open sky and surrounded by most diverse wildlife.

For an outdoor activity kind of person, few places could be more fitting.

Outdoor activities near Miami
Marshes and meadows of Everglades

Oleta River State Park


Just 30 minutes from downtown Miami, Oleta River State Park is providing that perfect escape, while still being just around the corner. Are you interested in a bike or a walk through marsh and mangroves? If that’s on your mind there are miles of walking and bike trails. Maybe you are little more adventures, trying out the canoe down the river? Or you are for a little more family friendly beachside picnic under the shade of palm trees, day out with kids with many playgrounds in mind and designated fishing areas should you have a taste for a peaceful day by the water. All of these Miami outdoor activities await you in this safe haven from urban lifestyle.




Traffic can come down hard on both nerves and body, and it is a fact of life that your commute in Miami might come as one of the less desirable parts of your work days. This is why proper relaxing is required. To this end, Yoga should provide you with an environment for your inner peace. While there are many indoor yoga options, outside is truly different, and in many views, better experience. There are some locations, (like Bayfront and Museumpark) that offer free/donation based classes through most of the week. This is a great way to take advantage of Florida warm weather.

In conclusion. Stressed out, anxious and in need of zen? Grab a mat and some comfy and leave everything else indoors.


Water activities

Miami beach
There is always the Miami beach!


It stands to reason that many outdoor activities in Miami are focused on the sea.

  • Swimming with Dolphins
  • Kayak and Canoe
  • Fishing at rivers and deep sea fishing
  • Swimming, diving and pools

There are many tours that will offer you a chance to go to the high seas. Should you go to experience an open ocean, or maybe to catch something worth bragging about, Miami will oblige.

If you like to go for an overnighter, Key West will provide. While not quite near downtown Miami (some 160 miles) it is certainly worth it for a relaxing atmosphere, picturesque sunsets and cocktails by the calming waves of the ocean.

And if the beach is just too relaxing, you can always work yourself on the way. Island of Key Biscayne, and a metric ton of hiking, bike-riding and walking that will take to get to there, through the William Powell Bridge or the Rickenbacker Causeway, is what takes to get to some great beaches there. This is truly the perfect union of Miami sport and outdoor activities. You will surely feel like you deserved it after that.

Want to sit around on the beach or maybe go out for a family day? Even with amazing Miami beaches nearby, there are still reasons to go to pools. Most famous, and rightfully so, is Venetian pool. Its 820,000 gallons of artesian water is located in what used to be a quarry that was transformed into this incredibly beautifully site sporting island, canals fountains, waterfalls, coral caves etc by Denman Fink, a local designer. This place is truly a sight to behold and experience but it is vital to come as early as possible… you will not be the only one coming here.


Miami sport activities

Wanting to stay fit?

While the heat of Florida sun might give you some problems initially, you will find that Miami is a city with parks that will accommodate your soccer, running, basketball, racquetball, and all other sports wishes.

Did you find your self wanting a company of a man’s best friend?

Dog-friendly Tropical Park is the way to go. Should sand, beautiful sunset and watching your beloved pet run through the low tide be more of your thing, there is always Hobie Beach. That way you can both enjoy what is offered among Miami sport and outdoor activities.

Are you into skateboarding or cycling?

Awesome, then the Cruise South Pointe Park is the right place for you. Dogs are allowed here two and kids will love it, but this urban jewel is made for skateboarders and cyclists. Since recently park now has a completely new look, this 17-acre park will offer you everything you need.

More wheels for your outdoor activities, perhaps?

For every need, there is a park. With 1.5 miles of paved path, there is no good reason not to rent a quad bike and take a group of friends on a tour through Key Biscayne (or El Farito, for locals).

So how do you pick?

Be adventures! The best Miami sport and outdoor activities for you depend on who you are!  Once you move to Miami, you will see that offers you a chance in any of your preferred activities, but its all to you which one will you take. Did you just move in and still want some time to meet the city? Go to urban parks! Wanting to experience that televised Miami life, the beach is right there. Or maybe it was all to much hassle and you just want to escape it all? An adventure full of hiking, camping and canoeing your way around the greenery is always an option…

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