Add a personal touch to your new home – easy DIY projects

Living room with decorations.

After moving, it is time to furnish your new home and to decorate it. Add a personal touch to your new home and only then you will feel at home. Try to unpack as quickly as possible and don’t make a mess, it will just increase your anxiety level. Even if you are renting, there can be made some projects. We know some simple and easy DIY home projects you can try after moving to a new home. They are fun and without everybody’s budget and if you are moving with a family, work together as a team.

Tips on how to add a personal touch to your new home?

It is important to make your home cozy and warm. It should be your little paradise, a place where you can relax and enjoy yourself. Here are some practical tips on how to make your new home personalized and how to give a personal touch. DIY projects can be fun, it is a good way to handle homesickness after moving.

Reading a book.
If you want to relax and to make your home cozy, add personal items


Before organizing your new home, you should clean it with your cleaning supplies. Clean a new home with supplies you are using regularly. Your apartment should smell the same, it is important to some people. Even if it is cleaned, sometimes it’s better to do it again. Also, try to unpack as quickly as fast because boxes will just make a mess all around the house and you cannot relax.

Add photos

Nothing is more personal than photos. Family, friends, places where you have been, hang those photos on the wall. Memories are precious so after furnishing, add photos in your living room. For this project, you will need only frames and your photos, that’s it. It is up to you to choose the size of frames and where you will place them.

Add a personal touch to your new home such as photos
Choose your favorite photos and place them in your new living room


A home is not a home without decoration. Without it, your home will look empty and cold, like no one is living there. Add accessories and choose the style. Consider vases, paintings, bowls, colorful pillows, carpets, curtains, flowers. If it is December, add your Christmas decorations.

Choose your favorite colors

Paint walls in your favorite colors and be bold. Choose vibrant colors or make it simple and choose pastels and paint your rooms. Fresh paint on the walls cannot be a mistake and everybody can do it. It may look complicated, but it is simple and fun, especially if you are doing it with friends.

Play with light

Playing with lighting can be decorative. Bulbs come in different colors, and lamps come in different shapes, so play with them. Also, add natural light too, it will open up space and make a room look bigger, especially if you add mirrors too. As you can see it is easy to add a personal touch to your new home, items that can be decorative and useful at the same time.

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