7 things to know before moving to Bahrain for a new job

Bahrain at night after moving to Bahrain for a new job

Bahrain is one of the most promising and prospective countries to move to in search of work today. It seems that people are migrating to the Middle East for work more and more these days. Some of the prime locations for ex-pats are Qatar and Saudi Arabia with the Kingdom of Bahrain holding a special place. Bahrain is a mecca for people searching for great career opportunities and a new and exciting lifestyle. It is also a welcoming place with more than half of the population of foreign origin. With its booming economy, chances are that even more people will come here in search of work. However, there are a few things to know before moving to Bahrain for a new job.

Research Bahrain

Well, before you consider moving anywhere you should do some research. Get to know as much as you can. Here are a few general things to know. Today this Kingdom is one of the busiest business and financial and investment hubs. The reason for this is the discovery of oil which caused a quick rise in the island’s economy. The wealth that came with oil attracted many people from all over the world to this small country. its population today is mixed with many ex-pats finding residence here. However, the kingdom of Bahrain is still conservative but with a healthy mixture of culture and religions and diversity in many ways. So, to an extent, it is a modern country with fast development and infrastructural growth. As such it is a promised land that is inviting to people from nearly any profession and industry.

Buildings under construction
Bahrain is developing fast and moving to Bahrain for a new job is a good idea.

What to know about Bahrain

If you think that moving to Bahrain is for you you should get to know some more details about what you are in for. Of course, for your overseas move to Bahrain, you should not take any chances. Your best bet is to research your relocation and shipping options and then leave it to experts. The expert movies will provide the best solution to all of your overseas shipping needs once you start your relocation to Bahrain. However, you must have a list of things to know before moving to Bahrain for a new job.

First steps to follow

To start you off with your relocation to Bahrain there are a few crucial steps to take. These are a must and critical for your move. Here is what you must do and have to move to Bahrain:

  • Get a residency visa. You will need a sponsor, a company for which you will work and that will arrange for your visa.
  • You must get a CPR Id card that you must have with you at all times.
  • Be aware that you will have to go through a health check when first coming to Bahrain.

Other than this the process of moving to Bahrain will be like moving to any other place. You will have to prepare for and adapt to a few things and take care of the things you must bring with you.

Moving and what to bring with you

Any long-distance and especially overseas move is demanding. It takes time to plan and execute to properly protect your things for the move. It takes a lot of time to prepare and can be considerably expensive. So, make sure to plan it in detail and to make a precise moving checklist and schedule. This will help you go through the move without too many issues. However, you must be rational about your budget and expenses. The more things you take with you the more expensive this process will be. So, make sure to get rid of anything that doesn’t have a sentimental or particular financial value.

Your best bet is to sell or get rid of your car as moving it will be too expensive. Also do not consider moving furniture as you will be able to replace it easily. Decluttering is a must for moves like this. Consider that your career move to Bahrain will bring you a higher standard of living so you can easily replace such things.

Figure out housing

Before moving you should also consider your housing solution. The ownership policy for ex-pats is strict so your only viable solution is to rent a place. The choice will be simple as any area in Bahrain is urban suburban. The rent will be affordable, however, the price will depend on a couple of factors. Things like location, size, and age of the property all play a part in the rent level formation.

Bahrain at night - it is a business hub which is one of things to know before moving to Bahrain for a new job
As a business hub, Bahrain is a great place to seek and build your career

Commute options

Also, consider your traveling options to get you around the island. Walking is simply not advisable due to the heat and sand storms. However, the Kingdom of Bahrain has a well-developed and regulated public transportation system. This is the primary reason why you won’t need a car here. In addition, the gas prices being low many people out using the taxi service which is quite cheap here.

Get to know the job market

One of the more important things to know before moving to Bahrain for a new job is the job market. The only way to get a Visa is through sponsorship from your employer. So researching the market and finding a job is the first step that will get you on your way to Bahrain. An important thing to know is that Bahrain is a booming economy with plenty of career opštions opportunities in any segment and industry. As skilled workers are in high demand the potential for ex-pats is enormous. However, once the country mostly relied on oil and the oil industry now the economy is more diversified. As an investment and financial hub Bahrain now needs skilled experts in many different sectors. IT, sales, and marketing are expanding fast while the traditional sector is still dominant. The highest demand is in the

  • Banking sector
  • Tourism
  • Services and
  • Construction

Cost of living and education

When moving to Bahrain for work prepare for a boost in your living conditions. Your income will have a boost here and the fact that you won’t pay income taxes will lift your purchasing power even more. The healthcare, bills, food, and entertainment here are quite cheap so you will have a great increase in your financial potential and options. In addition, if you are moving with your family you will have plenty of options for choosing a high-quality and inexpensive school here.

Cuisine in Bahrain
The Kingdom of Bahrain is a mixture of different cultures, languages, religions, and tastes.

Moving to Bahrain for a new job can be a blast

The Kingdom of Bahrain is a great option for anyone looking for a quality career turn. However, when moving for a job to the middle east you must prepare. With these few things to know before moving to Bahrain for a new job you will be on the right path to relocating successfully to Bahrain and starting over.





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