6 things to do in Delray Beach with your family

family in the green meadow, learn about things to do in Delray Beach with your family

If you have a family, you have to choose a place that is kids friendly, and there are many picks in Florida. You and your kids have to feel comfortable and have plenty of activities you can do together. Delray Beach is a perfect place for families looking to spend time together outside of the house. Lucky for you, Miami Moving Guide has a list of 6 things to do in Delray Beach with your family.

Check out Delray Yacht Cruises

One of the best things to do in Delray Beach with your family is to go on Delray Yacht Cruises. The Delray Yacht Cruises are a great way to spend the afternoon with your family and learn about the history of Delray Beach. 

Before you can get on the boats, we recommend you reserve a ticket since the cruise is usually sold out because it is one of the favorite pastimes of the locals. When it comes to the ships, there are two options, the Lady Atlantic and the Lady Delray, which has the city’s name. 

white cruise ship
Explore Delray Beach with your family on a cruise.

The cruises generally last around two hours. In those two hours, your family will enjoy their favorite drinks and eat the delicious food on the boat. You will get to see the city from the ocean, the diverse sea life and learn about the city’s history. Should you decide to go on a cruise, you might as well need to reach out to pros from the area, Delray Beach movers, to move your family into your new home in the city. That’s how much you’re risking to fall in love with the place! Local movers have a lot of experience and offer many moving services, which means you’ll have no problem settling in this place safely with your loved ones.

Check out Wakodahatchee Wetlands

The second among things to do in Delray Beach with your family is to visit the Wakodahatchee Wetlands. Wakodahatchee Wetlands are artificial wetlands built-in 1996. In the Wakodahatchee, you will find a boardwalk that spans a little over a mile, where you can walk and see the beautiful flora and fauna. 

The most prominent animals in the wetlands are birds since it is a part of Florida’s birding trail. So if you and your kids do not have anything in common, you can become birdwatchers together. And if you ever get tired on your walk, there are plenty of resting points on the boardwalk, like gazebos and benches. 

Spend a day on the Delray Municipal Beach

If you want to spend time on one of the most beautiful beaches in Florida, you have to come to Delray Beach. The city has “beach” in its name of the course it has amazing beaches. But out of all the beaches in Delray, the municipal beach is one of the most popular ones. 

There are two bad things about the beach, let’s get them out of the way immediately before the good stuff. The first bad thing about the Delray Municipal Beach is that it can be pretty crowded during the weekends, and the second thing is that no pets are allowed. 

If you are looking to swim with your family, you will not have to worry about your safety because lifeguards are on duty from 9 am to 5 pm. Besides swimming, you can play volleyball, go sailing and do many other activities. 

a beach
Swim all you want in the ocean on the beach because lifeguards are watching over you.

And if you feel like only relaxing on the beach, you can rent a beach chair and enjoy the sun. So if you want to have access to the Delray Municipal Beach, get a family house with the best features and come to Delray. 

Visit Spady Cultural Heritage Museum in Delray Beach with your family

If your family wants to learn about African-American history in Palm Beach County, you have to visit the Spady Cultural Heritage Museum. The museum carries the name of the local and prominent Delray African-American educator Solomon D. Spady. In addition, the heritage museum is located in his house. 

The Spady is not a museum you will visit just once to learn about the history of African-Americans, Caribbean, and Haitian-Americans. You will keep returning to the museum for as long as you stay in Delray Beach. The museum wants to keep the past alive through the many events showcasing the achievements of minorities. A great showcase is the Spady Living Heritage Festival, an event that brings the whole city together. So if you want to be part of Delray’s history, look for movers to get you here. To make your move more comfortable, we recommend a reliable moving company like nwmoving.com, but there are other moving companies out there that can help you relocate to Delray, as well.

Go to the Children’s Garden in Delray Beach with your family

If you want to teach your kids about the environment and how to be ecologically conscious, take them to the Delray Beach Children’s Garden. Greenery will surround your kids in the garden, and in addition, your kids will get to interact with it. 

East meets the West in Morikami Museum & Japanese Gardens

If you and your family want to learn about the culture of Japan, you have to visit the Morikami Museum & Japanese Gardens. 

The museum building called Yamato-kan draws inspiration from a traditional Japanese villa. And inside, you can find an exhibit that showcases the history of the Yamato Colony. A Japanese agricultural community in South Florida at the beginning of the 1900s. The Morikami Museum & Japanese Gardens make Delray Beach one of the cities in Florida you must visit

Traditional Japanese house
In Morikami Museum & Japanese Gardens Florida meets Japanese’s culture.

Come and explore Delray Beach for yourself

We have given you a list of 6 things to do in Delray Beach with your family. We hope that they convince you that Delray is a family-friendly town where you can be happy.

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