6 Things Americans should know before moving to Portugal

A woman is thinking about moving to Portugal.

If you have the opportunity to leave America for Portugal, you should take it! Moving to Portugal offers Americans the chance to live in a completely new setting. Here, they’ll also enjoy a bunch of benefits, beautiful weather, great people, etc. However, before you perform this move, it’s crucial to understand a few things! So, to find out what it takes to ensure a smooth transition to this European country, do yourself a favor and keep reading this text! Below, you’ll introduce yourself to 6 things Americans need to be aware of when planning to start a new life in Portugal!

1 – Costs of living

Generally, Portugal offers a more affordable cost of living compared to many major cities in the United States. That is something you’ll notice when it comes to housing, groceries, and dining out. Of course, in places like Lisbon and Porto, you’ll run into higher living expenses. But, smaller towns and rural areas often offer more budget-friendly housing options. However, before relocation, it’s essential to do research, so you can budget accordingly. That will help you gain financial stability, and you’ll learn how to avoid unexpected moving expenses. After that, you can properly begin a new chapter in Portugal without any financial burdens!

A man is ready to leave America and perform the process of moving to Portugal.
Portugal is an excellent place to start over and enjoy a new lifestyle!

2 – Residency requirements for Americans moving to Portugal

Americans should understand the rules about staying in Portugal! This is important to know, especially if they want to live there for more than three months. Portugal has different types of permits for living there, each with its own rules and paperwork. So, as the moving day approaches, do lots of research to find the right permit for you. Make sure you have all the right documents ready before you apply. And, of course, if you’re not sure how to apply for the right visa, ask for help. Then, you can settle into your new life in Portugal smoothly and without worry.

After you take care of that task, you start looking for a new home in Portugal. Take your time to plan your relocation and pack your belongings for a move. If you need help handling this moving project, know that professional movers can transfer everything stress-free to your new living space in this country. Experts will provide you with reliable services, and all your stuff will be safely transported from the US to Portugal in no time. Therefore, instead of planning this complex move on your own, you should know that you won’t make a mistake by leaving specialists to complete this job for you.

3 – Learn Portuguese

While many residents know English, learning Portuguese can give you an advantage! Remember that Portuguese is not only the official language but also plays a significant role in daily interactions, cultural understanding, and integration into Portuguese society.

So, before you relocate, invest time and effort into learning the language. Knowing the basics will show respect for the local culture and foster deeper connections with Portuguese locals. Thanks to that, you can easily bond with residents and make friends after moving abroad. Also, you won’t have any trouble getting around the area via public transportation, accessing healthcare services, conducting business transactions, etc. Overall, knowing conversational Portuguese can help newcomers build language skills and feel more confident and at ease in their new linguistic environment.

People sitting at a cafe.
You have to do your best to make sure you’re properly ready for moving to Portugal!

4 – Learn about the cultural differences

Building friendships with neighbors and colleagues is highly appreciated in Portugal. So, keep that in mind when you start living in this country! Anyway, when you begin hanging out with locals, you’ll notice some differences in the dining etiquette. When it comes to food itself, here you’ll have a chance to taste an abundance of specialties. Anyhow, apart from food, it’s important to be mindful of cultural norms about personal space and communication styles.

Yet, when you arrive here, you’ll have plenty of time at your disposal to get used to your new environment! Meanwhile, as a newcomer, use every opportunity to explore the area and familiarize yourself with your surroundings. Find out where to eat in Lisbon, Portugal, and check out cultural events, entertainment options, and more. Also, don’t hesitate to visit Cabo da Roca, Lagoa das Sete Cidades, Pena Palace, etc.

5 – Introduce yourself to healthcare options before moving to Portugal

Portugal offers both public and private healthcare options. That’s why, even though you’re a foreigner, you’ll have easy access to them. Anyway, it is important to know that the public system is accessible to residents and expats with residency permits. While the public healthcare system provides essential services, many residents opt for private health insurance. However, before you create a moving checklist, Americans should research healthcare options. Then, you’ll know what’s best for you, so you can ensure comprehensive coverage and peace of mind while living in Portugal.

A girl is looking at the sea.
Prepare yourself to have lots of fun in Portugal!

6 – Also, be aware of the climate in Portugal

Before moving to Portugal, Americans need to be aware of the country’s weather conditions. So, along the coastline, you’ll experience what’s known as a Mediterranean climate. This means summers are typically hot and dry, while winters are mild and wet. Thanks to that benefit, you can spend lots of time outside. There, you can check out activities, amusement options, and more. However, in other parts of Portugal, temperatures can be colder. But, overall, this country generally enjoys warmer weather throughout the year than those in the north. Still, before you relocate, Americans should do their homework! That’s why, take your time to learn more about the weather conditions in Portugal. Only then, you’ll be able to better prepare for your upcoming move.

In the end, Portugal’s climate is perfect for those who want to experience all seasons. Therefore, it is no wonder why this country is an attractive option for everyone who likes spending time in nature and having lots of fun outdoors.

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