4 interesting facts about Indian Rocks Beach

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The more you know about something, the more you will learn how to accept it and you will fall in love. You can notice a small difference depending on whether is about persons, places, activities. If you think that relocation will be a smart move for you it is essential to make a small research about your new location. Besides general things, it is good if you know an interesting one. You can find more than one interesting fact about Indian Rocks Beach.

First things to know

Indian Rocks Beach, is a small city located in Florida, or more precisely Pinellas County, United States. Its location can explain why it is so popular. City of Indian Rocks Beach is a part of the Tampa-St. Petersburg-Clearwater, FL Metropolitan Statistical Area. Raised on the barrier island Sand Key, with more than two miles of beach within the Gulf of Mexico. Twenty-six public beaches just make this pace better. Above everything else it is in close proximity to Tampa, less than 30 miles drive over Old Tampa Bay. There are some interesting facts about it:

  • Tampa’s Playground
  • Barrier island Beaches
  • Name and its legend
  • Waterfront homes

Perfect place to spend a weekend

Indian Rocks Beach is a place created in the early 1920s as a weekend getaway place for the upper class from all around. Soon it became known as “Tampa’s playground”. Tampans rushed to the newly discovered paradise in their neighborhood, seeking a brief relief from the summer heat and the pressures of city life. Shoreline weekend resort they built, ranging from cottages to grand beach homes, was a slice of heaven to all who visited it. If you want your weekend never to end up, arrange your move with bigmansmoving.com. Once you find your place around here they will help you to relocate your life.

Explore and check some interesting facts about Indian Rocks Beach

Place to rest

One of the interesting facts about Indian Rocks Beach is the name. The name “Indian Rocks” was originally referred to an area on the mainland near the Narrows, and a bigger part of the island that is now Indian Rocks Beach. Indian Rocks Beach is a barrier island just under three miles long. Waterfront houses face either the Intracoastal Waterway or the Gulf of Mexico. Narrower points on the island allow the magnificent view. If you are a fan of beautiful views, this will be a perfect place for you to find a home. With a little help from a good real estate agent, you can find your perfect home with a perfect view.

It is legendary

There are many legends about how Indian Rocks Beach got its name. The first of them is that Indian Rocks Beach got its name from a medicine man. He used the local waters to heal his very ill chief. The healing water as it is said has come from the natural sulfur springs, supposed to be located in Kolb Park. Upon the miraculous healing, the Indians began returning to the site as a pilgrimage each year to fish and drink the water. There are many more legends about the name.

Hear the legend

On the shore

Waterfront homes, Indian Rocks Beach was not always suitable for building them.  The interesting fact about Indian Rocks Beach is that dream of building a waterfront home come true when dredge and fill operations created fingers of suitable land from a mangrove swamp. Pretty much like entire Florida, people had to roll up the sleeves to get the area on more solid ground. Having a home here means that you put a little effort to achieve that. This can be hard but moving doesn’t have to be. If you seek assistance in the area, you will find it. Local movers can help you with your entire relocation and moving in. Use that advantage.

It is good to know basic things about your new home, but that is not what will attract you. Interesting facts about Indian Rocks Beach are what will make you decide on this place.

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