Why are so many people moving to Chicago in 2018?

Why are so many people moving to Chicago in 2018? The answer is simple. It is one of the greatest cities in the world and, above all else, a city of opportunities. Here the American dream is still alive, and “fake it until you make it” is the right kind of attitude. Adventure is around the corner waiting, and you all need to do is to look for it. If you want your life to be filled with cultural events, great restaurants, steady job market, and all of it in a magnificently looking city with rich architectural and overall history- you should choose Chicago.

chicago scene and the reason why people moving to Chicago in 2018
Chicago is a great city to live in

Here you are always welcome, and not just you. There are people of all ethnic, social and economic backgrounds here. People from all parts of the globe are coming here to make a home of their own. So, let us now see what makes Chicago great.

A beginner’s guide to people moving to Chicago in 2018

Chicago, incorporated as a city in 1837, is located on the shores of the famous, freshwater Lake of Michigan. It is one of the biggest cities in the United States. According to data from 2017, there are as many as 2,716,450 people living here. Chicago is in Cook County and it is the most populated county in the U.S. “Chicagoland” is a commonly used term for the Chicago metropolitan area where almost 10 million people live. Those are just some of the reasons why are people moving to Chicago in 2018.

Economic stability

This is definitely an important point, whether you are from Europe moving to Chicago here, or from somewhere in the US. Yes, living in a big city can be challenging and hard at times. Still, as far as the big cities go, Chicago stands reasonably well when it comes to economic stability. For starters, a minimum wage is around 12$, which is a very important thing to know when thinking about moving somewhere. In the last five years, Chicago’s job market has never been in a better situation. The fact that unemployment is slightly above 6% best reflects this statement. Also, it points to a very promising growth potential for future academic citizens.

Another important aspect when it comes to finances is the prices of rent.

New York, San Francisco, and Los Angeles are usually more often picked by young people as places for starting a new life, Chicago is actually a much better option. Here is why. In NY, for example, rent goes sky high with about 2,300$ – 3000$ for apartments in the unattractive areas of the city. In Chicago, rent goes from 1400$ to about 1800$. Add this to the fact that the cost of living is close to the country’s average, and it is clear why so many people moving to Chicago in 2018. It is important to be careful when moving, especially to such a big city. Companies like Wolley Movers Chicago are experts, and you should ask for their help. They are experienced and can give you some much-needed tips and advice, that you will certainly need.

panorama of chicago
Chicago is one of the greatest cities in the world

Public transportation

Public transportation is one of the chief reasons why people moving to Chicago in 2018. In a city this big, for a life not to be too stressful, it is very important that public transportation is working admirably. There are several ways you can navigate this city in an affordable and (usually) a quite pleasant way. The first if Chicago’s “L”, or the elevated train. It connects many of the key neighborhoods of the city. Buying contactless Ventra tickets from vending machines is a simple thing. They cost 5$, and the rides cost 2.5$ regardless of where you are going. In case you are staying in Chicago for several days, think about one-, three-, or seven-day passes that cost 10, 20 or 28$. These give you unlimited rides for the duration of your stay. There is also a single-ride Ventra card that costs 3$ that you can buy.

L Trains

“L” trains are organized by color (the Blue and the Red line), and by a given line’s terminus. Stations and trains a clearly marked which also very important. O’Hare airport is easily accessible and it costs you 5$ from the airport, whether you buy a regular Ventra card or a one-timer. This makes O’Hare the only station with a surcharge.

Uber and Lyft are another way to move across Chicago and are generally pretty affordable. There are of course standard taxis on the streets as well, and you can usually pay with your credit card (which they should all be able to take).


Last, but not least, is the Divvy. The what? Divvy is Chicago’s bike-sharing system. Firstly, bikes are very healthy for you and the planet. Secondly, they are practical and very affordable. The city’s authorities put a lot of effort into making the city bicycle-friendly as there are many bike lanes and other objects need for this mode of transportation. One ride of up to 30 minutes costs 3; a 24-hour pass for unlimited three-hour rides is 15$. You can access the system’s maps by visiting the Divvy’s website or getting the Transit app for Android or IOS.

Moving anywhere is a big step. You will need all the assistance for your relocation, and the right people for this task are Wolley Movers. They have been in this kind of work for a long time, and their experience can even help you choose the right position for your new home, if you can’t decide by advising you on which position in the city is best suited for your needs (distance from work, the closeness of public transport lines etc).

Moving to Chicago = Unique experience

watching a play in a theater
Chicago is a city of culture,

Like almost every other big city, Chicago is a place where diversity is omnipresent. There are 77 unique, colorful neighborhoods in the city’s territory. Each of them is painted by numerous opportunities of experiencing everything this city and nation have to offer. Everything you need is here. Are you a sports person? There are an unbelievable plethora of various sports from Brazilian capoeira, to tennis and historical sword fighting, to all kinds of dances. There are many famous athletes and clubs from Chicago, like Michael Jordan and Chicago Bulls, NFL’s Chicago Bears and MLB’s Chicago Cubs and White Sox, to name but a few. 

Furthermore, Chicago is full of historical monuments and museums like the Chicago Cultural Center and the Field Museum of Natural History. Art galleries, festivals of all types and many, many different musical events are happening throughout the whole year. Chicago is a living organism of opportunities and adventure, and living here is amazing. And all the above are the reasons why are people moving to Chicago in 2018. If you thinking about it, think no more! 


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