Short distance moving tips

short distance moving

The difference between short distance moving and long distance moving is huge. There are a lot of things you can do with short distance moves that you cannot do with long-distance ones and vice versa. People say that moving short-distance is a lot easier. However, we think that the only thing that can make this situation a piece of cake is hiring Best Movers in Florida. They are the ones that have loads of experience and can help you relocate quickly and efficiently. Whatever the situation may be at the end of the day, there are some short distance moving tips you should always keep in mind.

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Short distance moving is a common occurrence in Miami. Who else wants to leave this vibrant city?

Preparing for short distance moving

In this section, we will cover a couple of things you should do well before your moving date. Do not get lazy and comfortable thinking that because you are moving down the block, you have plenty of time to accomplish all the necessary tasks. Instead, be smart and tackle all of your tasks in due time.

Buy/rent a house on time for your move

When we say on time for your move, we mean a lot before your move. You need enough time to visit the house or an apartment a couple of times before it`s time to relocate. Perhaps you are wondering why you would possibly need so much time when you are only moving a few streets away. The reason, or rather reasons, are simple:

  • You may need to do some renovation on the new location before your short distance moving happens.
  • Moreover, you will need to measure all the nooks and crannies to see if your furniture fits into the new house.
  • By looking early, you have a better chance of finding affordable housing in Miami.

Do not waste your time. The clock is ticking and before you know it, your short-distance move will have to happen. The last thing you will need on that day is the additional stress.

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Before you know it, the time will run out and the day of your short-distance move will arrive.

Organize your packing

When it comes to a relocation, there is nothing worse than an unorganized packing spree. Naturally, this leads to an even more unorganized unpacking, which is a recipe for disaster. Therefore, days and preferably, weeks before the moving date, start packing. Start from the rooms you spend the least time in and work your way up. One of the best packing tips for Miami relocation we can give you is to always label all of your boxes. This prevents the mess that is bound to happen if you just randomly throw everything into the boxes. So, don`t waste time. Start packing for your short-distance relocation today!

Get ahold of the boxes and packing material

This one is closely connected to the previous item on our list, which is packing. You cannot pack anything without the boxes and packing material. Therefore, start gathering the packing material early on in the process of your short distance move. There are a couple of ways to gather all that is needed for packing:

  • If you are not strapped for cash, you can always buy all of the necessary material.
  • In case you do not have a lot of money at the moment, you can always ask your friends and family for any leftover packing supplies.

One more time, we cannot stress how important it is to start on time. The success of your short distance moving depends on good timing.

moving boxes
Think big when it comes to moving boxes. There is no such thing as too many packing supplies.

The transportation for short distance moving

If you decide to have a DIY short distance move, there are a few things you should know about the transportation part. One of the best things about this type of move is that you will not have to spend a lot of money on gas. And, if you listened to our advice and found a place on time, you can relocate your belongings in a couple of trips. Depending on the number of items you have to relocate, you can either rent a truck or use a van. Just be very careful. There are a lot of injuries that can occur while moving home. You want to do your best and avoid this situation.

If you paid attention to the advice we gave you at the beginning of the article, regarding short distance moving, and hired movers, congratulations. You can relax knowing that someone else is taking care of the heavy lifting for you. All you should know about local movers in Florida is that they are highly-trained professionals who can handle any sort of move, especially a short-distance one.

Try to relocate in the middle of the week

A lot of people hesitate to move in the middle of the week because they don`t want (or can`t) miss work. However, it is always the best idea to move during the week, when the roads are much less crowded. And, since you are moving short-distance, you can always visit the new location after work, and use that chance to relocate a few items at a time. This way, you will not miss any work, nor will you be stuck in traffic for hours. Who knew moving to Miami on a budget was so easy?

busy street
Don`t move over the weekend if you want to avoid bad traffic and crowded roads.

The conclusion

Clearly, short distance moving does not have to be such a nightmare you now think it is. With a bit of planning, organization and good luck, you can survive your move in one piece and without a big dent in your bank account. Believe us when we tell you that you got this. Everyone has to move a couple of times in a lifetime. One thing is for sure, though. You will never be the same before and after the Miami move.

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