Reasons to move from Miami to Georgia

Atlanta in Autumn

Reasons to move from Miami to Georgia will make your world go around. Two different places on so many levels. What is so different you ask? Well, there are a lot of things, from the style of life to food and environment in total. You need to prepare yourself for much calmer and less hectic life. Is that a good thing? The answer depends only on you.

Why move from Miami to Georgia is a good thing?

As for everything in this life, there are pros and cons. Let’s mention good things before anything else. Georgia is a beautiful state where you can find a calmer life, a life that you didn’t probably know so far if you are moving from Miami. In Georgia, you can experience winter at its best but you also have warm summer and spring just like in Miami, with a great snowy Christmas.

Georgia in the autumn
Georgia has so many beautiful places where you start a new life

Where is cheaper to live?

The answer to this question would definitely be Atlanta Georgia. Considering all the cities in Florida, Georgia is more affordable in many aspects – from buying a house or an apartment to buying a burger in a restaurant. If you are on a budget living in Miami can’t be easy. It should be enough for you to decide to move from Miami to Georgia. Just think about how the quality of life would be better. And you can always have your vacation in Miami. You sure will be able to afford it.

How fast can you find a job?

You should find a job there before you decide to move from Miami to Georgia. You should have a job as soon as you get there in that way you will avoid over lapses with your money. You should always think about being in a plus regarding money.  So, find a job and travel to interviews. It will be worth it. Especially now that Georgia has a lot of open positions in a variety of areas. Whether you are an analyst or you are working on television you can find a job there, with a lot of effort of course. No good job is easy to get.

Georgia is famous as well

Yes, we all know about Miami vice, we all know about Miami in general. However, there is another plus of moving from Miami to Georgia. One of the most famous TV shows take place in Atlanta. “The walking dead”, if you haven’t watched it, you most probably have heard about that TV show. And just think, if everything else fails you can always be a zombie stunt in one of the most famous TV shows ever. And we should mention some classics like “Gone with the Wind” that also took place in Beautiful Georgia, just so if you weren’t sure about the “the walking dead”.

Miami is also great

Miami is a good place to live. But when you compare Georgia and Miami you will be aware that Miami is definitely more fun place to be, but in Georgia, you can have more opportunities regarding work and it’s somewhat better placed to raise a family in Georgia than in Miami. When talking about the decision to move from Miami to Georgia, we should also say pros for Miami, so you can choose wisely. Miami has better traffic organization. In Georgia when you go to work in the morning you can get caught in a so call spider web.  But don’t get too excited Miami traffic is crazy as well.

yellow car in the streets of Miami
               Always warm in Miami


Both Florida and Georgia are affected by hurricanes. But if we are talking about good sides of weather change in both states that you should be aware of the humidity in Miami. And as mentioned before you probably want to experience snowy Christmas an all that festive atmosphere. You are probably asking yourself do I want to change beautiful Miami beaches for all four seasons in Georgia. Well, that’s something that you should think but keep in mind that variety is always better.

It’s easier to find significant other in Georgia

You are probably thinking that this is not true. Actually, it is. In Miami, you can meet a lot of people and you can fall deeply in love, but the chances are that he or she will Miami are almost certain. Also, there are so many potential lovers in Miami that maybe the one you find already is in a relationship but it’s not something that they will share with you. In Georgia, you can easily be in a committed relationship, without worrying about your loved one leaving you to go on a plane to another country.

When you move from Miami to Georgia it will be easier to find significant other
Boy and a girl standing in front of each other

All pros for Georgia

It’s better to mention all the reasons in one place.

  • Georgia is where Coca-Cola became real, and we all like Coca-Cola
  • Any kind of sport is developed
  • A lot of great cultural places to visit
  • Your town was probably in some TV show
  • Atlanta has one of the biggest zipline (adrenaline rush)

These are only a few of the awesome reasons to move to Georgia, and if you are wondering to what city, a lot of people will tell you Atlanta, but there are other great cities too. So, you have a great selection that is true but Atlanta is where all happens.

There are enough reasons for you to decide to move to beautiful Georgia. It’s all up to you to see are those reasons enough. Georgia can become the place of your dreams where you can start some new different life from the one you were leading in Miami. It all depends what are your wishes for the lifestyle you would like to lead. Do you want to stay in fancy Miami or continue your life in a variety of lifestyles that Georgia has to offer? Either way, you cannot make a mistake.

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