Moving from Miami to Minnesota

So you are planning on moving from Miami to Minnesota, and that is a big change and a big decision. Minnesota is a state that has its charms, but it is quite different than Miami. The most popular cities to live in are the Twin Cities – Minneapolis and St.Paul. So when you decide to move be sure to find the best movers Minneapolis & St. Paul, the Twin Cities have. There are a lot of differences between Miami and Minneapolis. Since this city is definitely the best representative of Minnesota, we will try to compare Minneapolis and Miami. We will try to focus on the comparison of different aspects of these very different cities. We will also try to give you reasons why moving to Minnesota is a great choice. You will discover what is it that makes this state appealing and a great place to live.

Moving from Miami to Minnesota
Minneapolis in Minnesota is a great place to move to

Let’s compare Miami and Minneapolis

Since moving from Miami to Minnesota brings a lot of changes, let’s see what the major differences are. We are going to compare Miami and Minneapolis from different aspects. You will definitely discover some upsides of moving to Minneapolis.

Climate and crime

When it comes to climate Miami has 21% more rainy days than Minneapolis. It never snows in Miami and it has a perfect tropical climate. If you are a fan of hot weather you will miss this once you move to Minneapolis because Miami has 25.3% more sunny days. But winter and perfect snowy days have its charms. In Minneapolis and St.Paul you are sure to experience a white Christmas. So if that is something you dream of, find your reliable moving company with the best Twin Cities moving services in time and you will be ready to go. When it comes to crime we will be comparing two categories

  • violent crime – murder and nonnegligent manslaughter, forcible rape, robbery, and aggravated assault.
  • property crime – burglary, larceny-theft, motor vehicle theft, and arson. 

The city that has lower crime rates in Minneapolis with 83.9 in violent crime and 59.8 in property crime, as opposed to Miami with 90.8 in violent crime and 61.7 in property crime rates. So the statistics show that you will be safer after moving from Miami to Minnesota.

Economy and housing

Like everyone you probably want to have a high salary. You want your work to pay off with a lucrative income. Well, the average income is higher in Minneapolis than it is in Miami(However, if you’re still thinking where is the best place for your new home, here are some reasons to move to Miami). An average household income In Minneapolis is 39% higher than that in Miami. It is also 5% below the National Average. Housing is also cheaper in Minneapolis than in Miami. You will even get bigger houses for your bucks. The median home value in Minneapolis is $218,900. In Miami where it is $290,800.

house in Minneapolis
The median home value is lower in Minneapolis than in Miami

Health and education

Miami is somewhat cleaner that Minneapolis when it comes to air quality. Miami scores 52 and Minneapolis 20 out of 100. The water quality in Miami scores 50. In Minneapolis it scores 20. However, the medical services in Minneapolis are better and cheaper. Average number of Physicians per capita is 339 in Minneapolis as opposed to 228 in Miami. Both numbers are higher than the national average of 210. Health costs in Minneapolis are below the national average of 100 with  99.9. Miami is 10% more expensive than the national average with 110. Minneapolis offers a better quality of education. Minneapolis invests more in students and education. 47.00%  of people over 25 in Minneapolis have a 4-year college degree, as opposed to 23.52% in Miami. The percent of people in Minneapolis with a doctorate degree is 2.33%, as opposed to Miami where it is 0.99%.

Transportation and jobs

When it comes to transportation what most people want to know are convenience and price. Transportation is more expensive in Miami. Commuting time is shorter in Minneapolis by 11.9 percent. In Minneapolis, there are more cars and there are more bicycles in Miami. Minneapolis is a place with a lot of new companies and startups opening, so you will have great job opportunities.

Why is moving from Miami to Minnesota a great idea

Minnesota is a country that has a lot to offer. People are kind and the communities are generous and hospitable.This is a perfect state for you if you love nature and outdoor activities. So here are some reasons why it is a great idea to move to this beautiful state.

  • Minnesota is one of the most affordable states in the USA. You can live and do anything here on a budget.
  • It is not as densely populated as some other states, so you will not feel crowded. The people are notoriously nice and kind here.Minnesota can be proud to have very hospitable and generous communities.
  • You will love the fact that Minnesota has so many lakes. There is an abundance of nature as well, so you will enjoy outdoor activities in the wonderful surroundings. You can have a perfect summer fun. You can go fishing, ice fishing, hiking, kayaking.You name it, you can do it in the nature of Minnesota.
Lake in Minnesota
Lakes in Minnesota are amazing
  • Minnesota has some great music. Prince comes from this amazing state.
  • The food is just amazing. There is a variety of different cuisines. People there recommend the Momma’s hot dish! You will not be sorry if you try it.
  • Minnesota is one of the cleanest states in the USA. The Twin Cities proud itself with very clean streets. This makes it a great state for starting a family and raising kids. Crime rates are pretty low. So moving from Miami to Minnesota is a great and safe choice.

The economy is strong and the small towns are adorable

  • Minnesota has seen great economic progress. It is on the list of the best states for starting a business. There are many job opportunities, so if you are moving from Miami to Minnesota for a job, you are in luck.
  • There are some beautiful small towns in Minnesota you will love to visit. Agriculture is big here and there are a lot of farmers growing healthy organic food.

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