Moving from Miami Dade County to Baltimore County


Miami-Dade County is a county in the southeastern part of Florida and Baltimore County is located in the northeastern part of the U.S. Along with Washington, D.C. and its suburbs, Baltimore County forms the southern anchor of the Northeast megalopolis, which stretches to Boston. Miami-Dade County is one of the three counties in South Florida that make up the Miami metropolitan area, It is also Florida’s third largest county in terms of land area. The county seat is Miami, the principal city in South Florida.

Both these places are very beautiful but in their own different ways so moving from Miami Dade County to Baltimore County requires adjusting. And so does moving from Baltimore to Miami Dade. We will give you some of the information you need to know before moving from one place to another.

Living in Miami

Miami is a very popular city. Many people dream of living in Miami. It has many beautiful beaches, different cultures, cultural spots and events, crazy nightlife, etc. There are many pros to living in Miami. The first and most obvious one is lots of sandy beaches. But what are beaches without sunny weather all year round? Luckily, Miami has that too. Which is perfect for all sorts of outdoor activities. The third thing worth mentioning is the entertainment and nightlife. This is exactly why there are so many tourists in Miami all the time.

Miami skyline
Miami is a city like no other.

More importantly, Miami has very affordable real estate. Which makes moving there so much easier. Especially if you hire Not to mention that Miami doesn’t have income, inheritance and estate taxes. And on top of all that, world-class healthcare. Everything you need for a happy life you can find it in Miami.

 Living in Baltimore County

Baltimore is another very beautiful place in the U.S. The state’s minimum wage is $9.25/hour which is pretty good. It’s famous for being one of the richest states. And that means it’s very expensive. The average rent for the state as a whole is a staggering $1,591/month for a one-bedroom which is a pretty big amount of money. Baltimore has many residents and not as many tourists as Miami as the weather isn’t as nice. It’s also very multicultural. The state is known for its delicious blue crabs, and Marylanders are crazy for crabcake. So if you don’t like seafood, this isn’t the place for you. Sports are a big deal in this state, aside from just baseball.

Baltimore skyline.
Baltimore is an expensive place.

Baltimore also has high tax rates and a lot of rich people live there. Miami Living Cost is much lower than Baltimore’s. The nickname “Little America” is famous throughout the whole country. Maryland has just about every type of terrain in the country – mountains, lakes, rivers, beaches, valleys, cities, suburbs, and forests – the only thing missing is the desert.

Moving from Miami Dade County to Baltimore County

As you can see for yourself, these two states are very different. Both unique in their own ways. So what changes will you exactly have to go through in order to be Moving from Miami Dade County to Baltimore County?

The first thing is the high prices of real estate. Homes in Baltimore are really expensive. Especially the better, bigger ones. But with that, the salaries are much higher even though you are working the same as in Miami. There is also a lot of traffic that can keep you stuck for hours. You might notice that a lot of people don’t seem friendly.

Another big problem in Baltimore is the crime rates. They are pretty high but the state is working on improving that every day. Also, homelessness is a big problem. There are a lot of homeless people because the state is so expensive.

So moving from Miami Dade County to Baltimore County means you need to spend a lot of money. Moving on a budget is possible so that will save you some money. And living there also means you need a lot of money.

wallet with money
In order to live in Baltimore, you need a lot of money.

Moving from Baltimore County to Miami Dade County

Because Baltimore is so expensive, a lot of people want to move away from it. So people started finding reliable relocation specialists in Baltimore County and now, a lot of them have moved to Miami because it’s much cheaper.

Adjusting to an affordable lifestyle is much easier than having to spend huge amounts of money when you’re not used to it. Plus, the weather in Miami is much nicer and that has a huge effect on people’s mood. The faster traffic will make you feel refreshed and your day will be much easier. But you will be surrounded by tourists all the time. And in you live in the city center, the noise might make you lose your mind because there are wild parties on every corner.


If you are moving from Miami Dade County to Baltimore County you will have a hard time at first until you get adjusted to the expensive lifestyle. Once you do, you’ll be able to fully enjoy this artsy city full of businessmen, expensive restaurants and bars, and big office buildings everywhere.

But if you are moving from Baltimore County to Miami Dade County, we believe you will start enjoying it the same day you arrive. Especially if you are young or you just want to have a good time. This is a place where positive energy is everywhere and everyone is really nice, friendly and has a good tan.

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