Moving in together in Miami – living in the Sunny State

Miami beach skyline

Oh, the sunny state! Living in the constant sunshine is something we all crave for, and moving in together in Miami is the best way to achieve this dream! When moving in with a significant other there are many things to think about. Furthermore, when you are relocating to a different city, the conundrum is even bigger! So, what is there to know about moving in together in Miami?

Couple, pictured from behind, sitting on the sandy beach, looking at each other, happy they are moving in together in Miami
Enjoying the sun on the beach in Miami after moving in with a partner

Relocating to Miami in two – Getting to know the city

You must have always wondered why so many baby boomers move to Florida as they retire. It certainly can’t be just for the sunshine. Now, the millennials are also rushing to Miami. So, what is it about Miami lifestyle that draws them to relocate?

The culture

Miami is a highly culturally diverse city. Some even say it is South America of the states. Its strong Hispanic presence is mostly the result of the Cuban revolution. But, the diversity didn’t stop there-there are many people from the Caribbean and Central South America as well. This makes Miami very vibrant and interesting. The sheer range of multiculturalism has produced some of the best artwork and cuisine you can try. Many museums can vouch for this and many restaurants that will prove this fusion, but more on that later. Furthermore, did you know that Miami skyline has one of the tallest buildings in the states? It surely is something to look at.

blue vintage car in the street
Cuban heritage in Miami


The people and lifestyle

They say there are a lot of things you must experience and understand when you relocate to Miami, so you can become a real Miamian. So if you are considering moving in together in Miami, these are the things you both need to know:

  • The size – City itself is very big and is growing exceedingly fast, so fast that it was nicknamed The Magic City because it grows like magic.
  • The traffic – Traffic in Miami is so bad, due to many old drivers, lack of public transportation and a lot of road rage. They say you can’t become a Miamian if you don’t get used to driving everywhere. And remember – if you by any chance use turn signs – that is a sign of weakness!
  • The heat and the humidity – Miami’s weather is something to get used to! Most of the time, it is extremely hot and the humidity is through the roof! Something you don’t think about – there are many daily rain storms. But, the winter is beautiful. Winter weather is one of the main reasons people relocate to Florida – it is sunny and beautiful!
  • Cost of living is high –  The cost of living in Miami is higher than the national average. So, it is a good thing you are moving in together in Miami as a couple. More times than not, the cost of living for a single person may be too high.
  • Spanglish – most of the locals speak Spanish or English, but they all speak Spanglish! So you should get to learning some Spanglish 101 fast!

Moving in together in Miami – starting life in two

When you are starting life as a couple, there are many benefits you will enjoy. Living with your favorite person can benefit you emotionally and generally make you happier! You will be spending more time together, cook together, laugh together and share your most intimate secrets with the person you love. But, prior to making such a big decision, you need to make sure you are on the same page.

brown packing box with an old key attached
Moving in together in Miami – packing your life for the move

What you need to discuss before starting a life with your partner

Communication is essential for a long-lasting and healthy relationship. And if you are starting to live together, communication becomes even more important. Before you move in together, you should be on the same page and talk even about some subjects that may cause awkwardness. You need to agree and compromise. One of the first things you need to discuss is financials – how are you paying for the flat, utilities, groceries and other expenses. You don’t have to dissect every single shopping list, but you need to sum up major expenses. Following this major deal, you should be on the same page about chores, obligations, general cleanliness guidelines and living routines. Maybe you are not a morning person and your partner is. Maybe you like staying up late and having lots of people over and your partner disagrees. Whatever the issues or differences of opinions may be, you should lay them out on the table and reach a compromising solution.

Moving in together in Miami – putting down roots

When you are moving in together in Miami, there are some things you might be doing for the first time, so it is not bad to do the research. First things first – you need to find a house or an apartment. What you need to know is that Miami has many neighborhoods, so be sure to check the hottest neighborhoods in Miami before choosing the best one for you. Then, you might want to do is take a look at Apartment guide or any other relevant site for househunting. Once you’ve found the place you both want to call home, it is time for decorating! Whether you are bringing some of your old possessions or buying new stuff, you should approach to decorating your home as a couple. If you are not sure of how to embellish your new home in Miami, here are some tips for decorating as a couple you might find useful. Once you’re done with these things, it is time to start exploring Miami!

Couple cooking in the kitchen inside the house after moving in together in Miami
Settling down after relocating to Miami together


Things to do in Miami as a couple after you relocate

Miami is an interesting city that has a lot to offer. You have many options when you just relocate to Miami, so you should have a lot of fun! We can give you some ideas:

  • Go kayaking at Oleta river state park
  • Ice skate in a nightclub
  • Explore the nightlife
  • Enjoy the beaches
  • Taste the Floribbean food
  • Go check the museums
  • Taste the actual Cuban lifestyle at Versailles restaurant
  • Go to the Botanical Garden

But remember, you are moving in together in Miami, so you should enjoy the romantic side of Miami as well.

Living in the sunny state – Starting to enjoy the Miami’s heat

Now that you have considered all the good and the bad sides of moving in together in Miami, you should weigh in on your choices. And know that there is more to Florida than hurricanes, flooding, parties, and Miami. So, you should explore the rest of the Sunny state and realize it is much more than prejudices people make of it. One thing is certain – once you become a Miamian, you will have difficulties adjusting anyplace else! So pack up your shades and your beach bodies and have fun together in Miami!

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