Moving from Miami to Texas – step by step guide

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A long-distance move such as moving from Miami to Texas is stressful and hard. But, you can make it easier by reading the simple moving guide and following the steps. Even relocation from Miami to another Florida’s city is difficult. On the other hand, you should not worry, because here, you may find all the right information about moving and living in Texas. 

Costs of living in Texas

One of the biggest problems when relocating are the costs of transportation and costs after moving. Renting a home, buying a house in Fort Worth (if you will choose this city in Texas), new utilities, hiring a moving company, packing costs, insurance, etc. How to prepare for location changing and calculating all the costs?

Calculating costs for moving from Miami to Texas
To be fully prepared, you should know the exact moving costs and costs of living in Texas
  • The average moving cost from Miami to Dallas, for example, is $5,000. A distance of 1300 miles and 2 or 3 bedroom move.
  • Factors that will affect your costs for relocating to Texas are travel fees, insurance, storage, size of your move, packing, additional moving fees, distance, moving date. If you hire professional movers in Seguin, Texas which are affordable, you can probably get the best deal.
  • The major cost is housing. The average home prices are $175,000 but of course, it depends on the city and neighborhood. For example, Austin is one of the expensive cities, while San Antonio is cheaper.
  • The average utility bill is $123 per month.
  • If you are moving from Miami to Texas because of taxes, it’s good because Texas has no income taxes. Sales
  • Texas is famous for food. Tex-Mex bbq will leave you speechless. One older person in Texas spends about $3,000 on food in a year. A family (parents and 2 kids, for example) spend about $8,830 every year.

Packing for moving from Miami to Texas

Of course, packing is part of every moving, wherever you move. Pack only the most necessary items. A new apartment will be different from your current one, so your furniture will not fit in, probably. Transportation is more expensive when you have a lot of items to move. The weather in Miami is similar to whether to Texas, so pack clothing you already have, there is no need for new clothing. Do not forget to pack an essential moving box. 

Choosing a place to live in Texas

Where you will live depends on why you are moving and what you want. It is not the same if you are moving alone or with family. if you will live with your family, then prepare children for a move to Texas, choose a good neighborhood for them, research schools. On the other hand, if you are single and want to work on your career or to start a business, you should pick different places. Here are some top places you should consider to move to.

Texas flag
Texas has many different cities that have a lot to offer. Choose one, the best for you
  • Terrell Hills, San Antonio
  • Timberbrook, Plano
  • Preston Highlands, Dallas
  • Canyon Creek South, Richardson
  • Clear Spring Place, Richardson
  • Greatwood, Houston
  • Triangle State, Austin
  • Cinco Ranch, Houston

Fun facts to know before you leave Miami for Texas

Moving can be fun. Before moving from Miami to Texas, learn some interesting facts and get to know this big state. At the same time, this can help you adjust faster.

A word "facts".
Learning some facts will not hurt and it is not a waste of time. It is part of a moving preparation
  • Texas is a good state to start a new business or to work on your career. The unemployment rate is low.
  • The biggest employers are energy sectors, hospitals, and universities.
  • If you love Spanish, Mexican, and American history, Texas is just the right place.
  • Bbq is a big deal here, but it will not be a problem if you are a vegan. Texas has amazing food for you too.
  • Homes are affordable and that is one of the main reasons for relocation.
  • Spending time in nature is normal because there are many beautiful national parks.
  • Every year, Texas gets about 150 tornados. After a while, you will stop to be afraid
  • It is a place of big cars with decorations.
  • Summers are hot and humid.
  • After moving, you will learn Line dancing with your new friends.

Hiring movers for moving from Miami to Texas

When relocating to Texas from Florida it is a big step and change. Moving by yourself is possible only if you have experience and if you know how to drive a big moving truck or a van. If you do not have done that before, you are taking a big risk. If you want to save money and to cut moving costs, it is not a solution.

By hiring a reliable, insured and licensed moving company, you will have safe relocation. And at the same time, it may be affordable, if you are moving to Texas on a tight budget. One of the movers that are affordable and experienced are Evolution Moving Company NB. Your new life in Texas should start stress-free and with a good mover, it will.

Packing and moving items with a moving company
Find a company that fits you and move to Texas with ease

Texas is the second state in the USA by size (Alaska is No.1) so it has a lot to offer to residents and tourists too. Moving from Miami to Texas will be a huge step in your life, and that is why you should be prepared. At least, the weather is similar so you do not have to buy new clothing. Pack your boxes, book a mover, find a new home and move. Always have your checklist with you, and you won’t forget anything.

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