Military spouse relocation explained

A military man and his wife holding hands, representation of military spouse relocation

Being a military spouse gives you a lot to be proud of. Serving your country is one of the noblest life callings a person can choose. However, there are some hardships that come with it. One of the most common is constant relocation. Moving from place to place on short notice is exhausting and stressful. Furthermore, there are many unanswered questions that you probably want to ask. Nevertheless, I will give my best to explain everything there is about military spouse relocation.

Are you a first timer?

If this is your first time moving, chances are you will be confused. Constant moving across the country can be stressful, but there are ways to handle it properly. The first thing you should understand is that a military move is different than your regular move. Sure, you pack your things up, get into a moving van, and relocate to your new house.

Still, there are many differences in the organization and planning of the move.

Military relocation – is everything on your back?

One of the questions you might ask yourself is, is it your duty to organize this move? If your spouse is on constant military duty, who will pack your stuff and talk with movers? The answer is yes and no.

There are cases when the military will cover your expenses, but also there are cases where you have to pay for everything. If you are feeling stressed, relax and take a deep breath. Let’s look at different situations of military spouse relocation.

Organizing a military spouse relocation

One of the first steps you should take is to look for specialized military relocation services in Florida. The entire relocation will be a piece of cake since they know everything about military moves. However, if you are wondering who will pay for the relocation, that differs from case to case.

Soldiers training in a bootcamp
If your spouse is enlisted in a training boot-camp, it would mean a lot if you can tag along!

Your spouse is in Bootcamp

If your spouse is in Bootcamp or any type of training, and you were married before he/she received the order, the military will reimburse the relocation for one person. Furthermore, they will only pay for moving one set of personalized items. Whether it is yours, or from your spouse, you can pick who will military move. However, you should know that you must arrange everything in advance if you wish to receive reimbursement.

Your spouse is on active duty

In the case where your spouse was already on duty, and you are not married, the military will not pay for the relocation, or provide any money. This is the case where you have to organize the move and pay out of your pocket. When a situation like this occurs, the best is to hire a professional military relocation company, like

As discussed before, they will help you with organizing the move, packing, and relocation. You should check for any special deals for military spouse relocation.

Your spouse is looking to join the military

In this case, your spouse will get all the details and assistance to relocate to the training station. As soon as you receive the orders, the military will move your spouse and belongings together. Since the army will reimburse everything, it is essential that you officially register in the public records. This is the condition you must meet if you want to receive full funds for the relocation.

DIY move

There is always an option to relocate on your own. While it may be more challenging, you will save a lot of money you would otherwise give to movers. Before you choose the way you want to relocate, you should put everything on paper and check what is the best option for you. There are many useful tips for a DIY move, so make sure you research the internet first.

Are you moving abroad?

If your spouse is stationed abroad, moving rules are completely different. You must prepare the passport and visa on time. In the case of moving abroad, you must check if you have command sponsorship. This is a fancy word for – the military pays for your move. When relocating overseas, there are two cases to look at.

US passport on the world map
If you are relocating overseas, the passport and visa are requirements

Your name is on the military order list

If your spouse is stationed overseas, and your name is on the order list, the military will organize everything and pay for the move. This is command sponsorship. In other words, you can use military resources to move and live with your spouse.

Your name is NOT on the military order list

If this is the case, the military will not pay for relocation. This may be due to a couple of reasons:

  • the relocation cost is too expensive for the time period for which your spouse is stationed overseas
  • it may be too dangerous to send you to where your spouse is

It is crucial to know that, if you decide to move on your own, someone first has to sign you up. Next, you won’t be able to use military medical or dental care. Furthermore, you may need a visa, and finally, you will have to pay for everything by yourself. Also, your spouse will not receive any Overseas Cost of Living Allowance or Overseas Housing Allowance.

Military man and wife hugging
No matter how challenging the relocation is, in the end, you get to be with the person you love.

Military spouse relocation made easy

As you can see, there are many tricky situations for military spouse relocation. Various factors will determine the exact procedure of the relocation, but hopefully, this guide will help you to understand the process. Moreover, the entire relocation shouldn’t be stressful if you know what to expect. Whatever happens, I wish you good luck and a happy and safe relocation!

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