Leaving Nashville for Miami – should you do it?

Miami from distance.

So, you are thinking about leaving Nashville for Miami. Well, it is not as unreasonable as you think. Not at all. Many individuals are thinking about it, and you are no exception. But, have you asked yourself what are your expectations? What do you hope to gain after moving to Miami? What are its advantages? And how about the disadvantages? Keep on reading, and get some new info. And once you do, we hope it will be easier for you to make the final call!

Nashville – and should you leave it?

Leaving Nashville for Miami sounds like a great idea. But, should you do it? And for what reasons? Nashville is the capital of the U.S. state of Tennessee. And it has a lot to offer. It is urban, but quiet – unlike Miami for that matter. So, if you are a family man or woman, letting your kids grow up in such a city might be a  good idea. And quiet suburban areas aren’t the only things the city of Nashville has to offer. Not at all. Low crime rates, great housing options, and many different educational opportunities are just the beginning of it all. You might get bored by it, but you should stop for a second. Stop and think about it. This city had a lot to offer. And it still does. On the other hand – you aren’t thinking about leaving Nashville for Miami for no reason. But, what are these reasons?

Miami – change your lifestyle

If you are looking for a big change in your everyday routine, Miami might be the right choice for you. And for many reasons. It isn’t so famous for nothing. Every city has its ups and downs, and so does Miami. But, we believe it has more to offer than it seems at first glance.

Nashville streets - something you will see when leaving Nashville for Miami.
Leaving Nashville for Miami? We say yes!

Low crime rates

Miami seems like it has it all. However, it doesn’t. Miami doesn’t have high crime rates. And once you look at it – you will realize that this is a good thing. If you are planning on moving to Miami with your kids or family, this fact is even a bigger plus than it seems. It really is. You will want your town to feel safe, and believe us – Miami will!

Education? Yes.

We know how important this aspect is. And you do too. It doesn’t matter if you are a young individual looking for some great educational opportunities, or a family person looking to provide its kids with the best of the best – Miami has you covered. Universities in Miami are a brand name, and if that is what you are looking for – leaving Nashville for Miami is a wise choice to make!

Book and glasses.
Education matters. At least in Miami.

Health care options

Well, you probably aren’t thinking about this aspect, but it can really come in handy. Knowing that you are at the right place no matter what will allow you to relax. And even if something goes wrong and you need some medical assistance – you will find top-notch service in Miami.

Looking for a job?

No matter if you are a young professional, or an experienced worker, you will want to find a job in Miami after moving there. Is it possible? Of course it is. The city of Miami has a large and diverse job market, and no matter the industry or your skill level – you will find the job of your dreams here. All you have to do is to look for it!

The cost of living in Miami

Living in Miami does sound like a dream come true. And it really is. Especially after you decide that leaving Nashville for Miami is the right thing to do. But, many people say no to this idea. Why? Well, living in Miami sounds expensive. It is all dreamy, and we already know it – every luxury is expensive. Trust us on this one – not every luxury. At least, not this one. You will have many additional options for your move, but this time – you won’t have to break the bank. Living in Miami is actually a lot cheaper than let’s say in NYC. Or many other cities in the USA.

Housing options

Let’s just say this – you will have many of them. As we mentioned previously, living in Miami is quite cheap. And if you are thinking about leaving Nashville for Miami housing shouldn’t scare you. Not at all. There is a large real estate market here in Miami, and you will find a property you want sooner than you might think. All you have to do is to decide what you want. It is that easy.

Palm trees.
Are you ready for Miami kind of lifestyle?

Leaving Nashville for Miami – how to do it right?

Moving is never easy. Especially when it is long distance. But, you shouldn’t stress about it. There are many different movers out there, and some of them will be more than happy to help. And if you don’t know where to start your search, we have a solution! Move On Relocation is a professional moving company from Nashville, and might be the best possible choice for your long distance relocation. Why? Well, you will need someone you can trust and rely on when moving. And this company is just that – a reliable partner that will help you move to Miami with a smile on your face.

DIY moving vs. hiring professionals

DIY moving sounds like a cheaper option. But, is it really? No. Especially if you are planning on leaving Nashville for Miami. People think that moving is easy. It is not. It is hard, complex and time-consuming. And the longer the distance, the more expensive it can get. That is why you should hire professionals who can help you. They know all about moving. And even more importantly – about moving on a budget. Having professionals at your service and on your team will help you relocate quickly and efficiently. And who doesn’t love that? We sure do!


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