Tips for Floridians adjusting to life in Canada

A Canada flag for Floridians adjusting to life in Canada

Long-distance relocation is always busy, stressful, and hard, especially when moving to another country. Moving to Canada from Canada is a big step and life event. It is a totally new lifestyle, climate, tradition, food, culture, etc. At least, the language is the same. Relocation process is over, but it doesn’t mean you are done with work. When Floridians adjusting to life in Canada, it may take longer, but it isn’t impossible. Not with these tips.

Pros of moving to Canada

Yes, moving from Florida to Canada have many pros. When you feel homesickness (and you will, for sure), just remember all the reasons why you moved here and be positive. Here are some benefits of living in Canada.

Girl playing with snow
Canada has all 4 seasons, not only winter
  • Politics – Politics in Florida is very different from politics in Canada. But, in a good way. There are not 18 months of mainstream election coverage, people are more “relaxed” when it comes to politics.
  • People are friendly – Canadians are friendly and people and they are known for hospitality.
  • A balance between work and private life – Canadians spend more time with friends and family than Floridians. You will adjust to it very fast.
  • Salary – Comparing the US and Canada minimal wage, Canada is better for 0,9$. So, do not worry about your wage after moving to Canada from FL, you will successfully manage your monthly budget.

First, you need to relocate to Canada from Florida

Before adjusting period, you need to relocate to Canada, of course. You will adjust faster if you have a company you can trust. By hiring Number 1 Movers Hamilton Ontario, your relocation will be stress-free. With a reliable moving company Floridians adjusting to life in Canada easier because they have someone to rely on.

Immediately when you know a moving date, book a mover and start preparing and organizing. Besides packing moving boxes, you need to pick a new home in Canada, collect required documents for moving abroad, transfer records, etc. If you are moving with a family, there is more work to do. Besides preparing children for the move, you must find a quality school and a safe neighborhood.

Floridians adjusting to life in Canada – simple tips to adjust

Floridians and other Americans often are moving to a place like Oakville. It is quiet, affordable, and beautiful. Ontario is a very good place to move to. But, it also required adjusting to a new culture and lifestyle. Also, many people after long-distance moving are coping with homesickness.

Stages of transition when moving to Canada

  1. Right after moving, it will your “honeymoon” stage, when everything is perfect.
  2. After 2 months of living in Canada, it will bee hostility. Floridians often get nervous because people don’t understand them or even depressed.
  3. After 5 or 6 months it is time for acceptance. At this point, you will be more relaxed and the weather won’t be a problem.
  4. Adaption is the last stage. Adjusting is finished and you will feel like you are at home, not in a foreign country.

To be on the 4th stage of transition faster, you need some tips and a guide to follow. 

Depressed girl
Many Floridians feel depressed after moving to Canada, but after a while, you will adjust

Be open-minded

Moving to a new country brings new experiences, so try them. Many Floridians have never skied, for example. In Canada, not only that you will feel real snow, but also you can try all the winter sports. Try new food and say yes to new things.

Unpack all your boxes

After moving, unpack all your belongings. If you need help with an upcoming Grimsby move and with packing/unpacking just hire professional help. Having boxes all around your new home will slow down the adjusting process. You won’t feel relaxed with unpacked items.

Explore Canada

When you have free time, explore Canada and book a trip. Visit Niagara Falls, lakes, mountains, different cities, and learn about Canada while you are living there.

Girl hiking on mauntain
Nature in Canada is amazing, explore it and get new experiences

Stay in touch with friends in Florida

Don’t forget your friends and family in Florida. If some of them are free, invite him/her to visit you. Floridians adjusting to life in Canada better when they have the support and someone they know there.

Meet new people

Meet locals and join some group and be part of the community. Humans are friendly beings, we need people around. Go out with your co-workers and new friends and create new connections.

Create new routines

Keep some of your old routines but make sure to create new ones. Lifestyle in Canada is very different. Find your favorite spot in the city or a restaurant where you will feel relaxed. After a while, you will order a coffee “as usual”.

Adjusting also depends on the place where you live

One of the factors when it comes to adjusting is a place where you will live. It is not the same if you are living in a big city, not a small town. After moving to Canada choose your perfect place. Floridians mostly choose the south part of od Canada, because of the weather.

  • Search the city’s size and population. Probably it won’t be as densely as cities in Florida, but this information will help you realize how big and urban the city is.
  • The average home prices are also one of the factors. If you choose a less expensive house, you will have more money for traveling and exploring Canada.
  • Move to a city with a lot of job opportunities and a city where the job market is growing.
  • When Floridians adjusting to life in Canada, the climate is their biggest problem usually. Southern Canada has warmer weather than the northern part.

Some of the cities you should consider are Toronto (it is the city in Canada with the biggest number of Americans), Vancouver, Ottawa, Montreal, Calgary, and Victoria.


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