Family relocation to Nashville – yes or no?

Nashville skyline, in the sunset

It is hard to choose a suitable city for your family. There are so many cities to consider when deciding on your future home. One of those might be Nashville. However, family relocation to Nashville is a huge step to make thus you should be careful. Before you make a firm decision, you need to see what are the pros and cons of living in Nashville.

Nashville, Tennessee

Nashville is the capital city of Tennessee and the most populous city in the state. It bears the name after Francis Nash, a general of the Continental Army during the Civil War. The city quickly grew since it was a strategic location during the war. Today, Nashville is the center of culture, music, various industries, and education. Furthermore, it is located on the Cumberland River in the northwestern part of the Nashville Basin.

brown and white concrete building in Nashville
Nashville, Tennessee


Save money when relocating to Nashville by choosing the appropriate time for the move. Summer in Nashville is hot and humid, which is not a good time to move. Winters are generally cool, with occasional snowfalls but not as heavy as in some parts of the country. Spring and fall are quite pleasant with mild temperatures although prone to thunderstorms. However, either spring or fall would be the perfect time for family relocation to Nashville. On the other hand, if someone from your family suffers from severe allergies, then this city is not for you. Combination of long spring and fall with various trees and grasses puts Nashville on the 18th worst spring allergy city in the United States.


Nashville has a diverse community as it is extremely popular with immigrants. The number of immigrants tripled in size in the late 1990s and early 2000s because of the large job market and low cost of living. Largest groups include Mexicans, Vietnamese, Kurds, Arabs, Laotians, and Somalis. Additionally, Nashville has the biggest Kurdish community in the States. Furthermore, it is also one of the few international locations where Iraqi expatriates are permitted to vote. Another interesting fact is the average age of Nashville citizens. Nashville’s population is quite young as the average age is 34.2 years. However, there are more women living here than men since the ration is 100 to 94.

The job market

One good reason for family relocation to Nashville is its job market. Many people move to this city because of the many job opportunities. Technology and health care are the two top employers in Nashville. Additionally, Nissan North America moved its headquarters to Nashville in 2006. The average salary is $50,000, which is more than enough for a comfortable life. This is especially convenient for families where both parents work and they can save enough money for their children. Furthermore, Nashville is quite popular for musicians. If you wish to pursue a career in the music industry, this city is a good place to start.

Housing options

Although back at the beginning of the 21st century many immigrants came to Nashville because of the low living costs, the things are a little bit different today. Nashville does not fall behind when it comes to prices. It can be quite expensive depending on where you want to live. If you are moving from apartment to house, then prepare to give a larger amount of money. For a decent house, you will need to pay at least 300 000 dollars. Furthermore, parking services are extremely expensive.

dog in a living room
Save money for a good house in Nashville


Family relocation to Nashville can be an advantage for your children. Nashville has quality private and public schools. Better schools are found in suburbs areas rather than in the city center. Nashville bears the label the “Athens of the South” due to numerous colleges and universities. Those are the following institutions.

  • Trevecca Nazarene University
  • Aquinas College
  • Fisk University
  • Belmont University
  • Daymar College
  • Lipscomb University
  • Tennessee State University
  • Meharry Medical College
  • Nashville School of Law
  • John A. Gupton College
  • Nashville Auto Diesel College
  • American Baptist College
  • Nashville State Community College
  • Vanderbilt University
  • Watkins College of Art, Design & Film
  • Welch College

However, there are more universities in the vicinity. Middle Tennessee State University has the second largest undergraduate population. Additionally, there are four historically important black institutions of education, Tennessee State University, Fisk University, American Baptist College, and Meharry Medical College. For this reason, you should move to Nashville. If you still do not have a good moving company, you should consider Move On Relocation Nashville.


There is no end to the entertainment options in Nashville. As Nashville is known for its music scene there are plenty of festivals and bars to visit and enjoy quality performances. Popular venues are The Bluebird Cafe, where Taylor Swift played once upon a time and Tootsie’s Orchid Lounge. Additionally, you should visit South Broadway Avenue if you are a fan of country music. The Ryman Auditorium was originally meant to be a church but now this beautiful place serves a venue for musical performances of different genres.


Nature is breathtaking in Nashville. Since the Cumberland River cuts through the city, there are plenty of beautiful places to go for a picnic and spend some quality time with your family. In addition to the picnic, you can go to a river walkaway for strolling, biking or jogging. Nashville’s most prominent park is Centennial Park where you can see the replica of the Parthenon. If you have moved on short notice to Nashville, you can relieve your stress with a refreshing walk through nature.

Family relocation to Nashville, dad with two daughters and a son
Enjoy with your family in nature


One of the major downsides of family relocation to Nashville is transportation. Unless you have a car, it is hard to live in this city. Because of the increasing number of Nashville population, you will have to commute for at least two hours unless you are extremely lucky.

Family relocation to Nashville – yes or no?

As you can see, this city really has a lot to offer, but the answer depends on your choice. If you see that this city has everything you need, what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and move to Nashville.

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