Everything you need to know about specialty items removals

Everything you need to know about specialty items removals

Moving is a challenging task, especially if you are a collector. It doesn’t matter what kind of items do you collect, the chances are that they are very special to you. In some cases, maybe even very expensive. Not every item should be packed and transported in the same way. Some are more difficult to relocate and that’s where this guide comes in handy. It will show you the tips and tricks of the specialty items removals so you can ensure that your belongings arrive at your home without any damages.

What are specialty items?

In order to specialty items removal go without the hitch, you should first know what items belong in this category. There is a variety of items that need special attention when relocating.

If you have any of these items in your household, then you are dealing with the relocation of the special belongings

  • Collections – Whether you’re collecting the miniature glass figurines or the bubblehead dolls, your collection probably has a very special place in your heart. It will be devastating that all the effort and all the time that you’ve invested in completing your collection go to waste just because you didn’t secure these items before moving them.
  • Art and antiques – These items are definitely in a specialty items removals category. Not only that they have high-value, but they also are very delicate.
  • Pianos – Not only that pianos are bulky and very heavy, but they are also pretty pricey. Repairing the damages on the piano can cost a fortune. That’s why it is necessary to move them properly. It’s not likely that you can do it yourself. The safest way will be to find experts that can help you transfer your piano safely.
  • Cristal chandelier – If you have a large and expensive chandelier, you will need a lot of time and caution to pack it safely for the relocation. It will take a very delicate touch for these types of specialty items removals. Not to mention some special packing supplies.
  • Pool tables – Like pianos, pool tables are very heavy and tricky to move. You have to dismantle a pool table properly when you wish to relocate it, pack it safely and then reassemble it. While you can do it on your own, it’s not very recommendable.
  • Taxidermy animals – These items are also tricky to move on your own since they are much more delicate than they appear to be.
Antique amphora - you will need specialty items removals skills to relocate it safely.
It will be the real shame that antique vase that is in your family for generation end up smashed in pieces during your relocation just because you didn’t protect it correctly.

The best way for specialty items removals

It really doesn’t matter how valuable the special household items really are. They are priceless to you. That is why you should do your best in order to secure their safety during your relocation.
While there are some great tips for moving by yourself, they aren’t really applicable to specialty items removals.

You will have to know the right way to pack them, load into the moving vehicle, transport them and unload them upon arrival to your new home. The knowledge that you’ll be lacking if you aren’t the professional mover.
If there’s ever need for hiring the moving company, it’s this situation. It is the best and the most secure way to ensure safe and smooth relocation of your special belongings. This will make your relocation much less stressful and give your belongings the care that they deserve.

Still, be sure to hire movers that have years of experience in specialty items removals. Choose a reliable and reputable moving company like premiumqmoving.com and you will know that you did your best to keep your belongings safe during the move.

Benefits of hiring movers for specialty items removals

Any type of relocation requires a lot of time and planning. With so many moving tasks to be done, it’s no wonder why moving is one of the most stressful changes in any person’s life. No matter how many times you have moved in the past, it never gets easier. Especially if you’re lacking the time and you have to relocate on short notice.

Hourglass clock
Save a lot of time by hiring movers.

Hiring a moving company is always the best choice since it will take a big burden and the hardest moving tasks from your shoulders. When it comes to specialty items removals, the experience of the movers is really priceless.
Take a look at the benefits that you are gaining when you hire professionals to relocate your special items.


When you’re moving on your own, you’re not risking only damages to your items. You’re putting your health in danger too. One wrong step is enough for you to break your precious item, but also your leg. Hiring movers aren’t only the safest way to relocate your stuff, but also the guarantee for avoiding injuries while moving. ┬áProfessionals know exactly how to move the items in the way that both protect your belongings and their health. They have the proper equipment, knowledge, and training that you’re lacking. If you wish that your things arrive at your new home without any damages, hiring a moving company is the way to do it.

Hand injury from the DIY specialty items removals
Hiring movers will save you from potential moving injuries.

Additional services

Most reliable moving companies are offering additional services that can make your relocation even easier. Like packing and storage services.
If you purchase the additional packing services, you won’t have to worry about the packing supplies. Or to learn how to properly pack your special belongings. Professional packers will arrive at your home with their own packing supplies and protective materials, and the knowledge on how to use them. With the right materials and packing, items will be secure and safe while in transit.

If you need to keep your valuables in safe storage, your movers will also help you with that. They will offer you the perfect storage solutions that will keep your belongings safe from the elements and intruders.

An efficient and stress-free move

Not only that your belongings will be in the hands of professionals, but hiring movers will also save you a lot of time and hassle. Moving is a stressful experience as it is, especially when you have to deal with specialty items removals. When you have somebody else worry about that, you can have the piece of your mind and focus on the other moving tasks that require your attention.

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