Best cities in South Florida

what are the best cities in South Florida

South Florida is an attractive destination for the people from all walks of life. Whether you are a young person looking for a job and a wild nightlife, or a senior looking for a calm, sunny place to spend your retirement days, South Florida offers something for everybody. There are so many good reasons why people simply hurl in this beautiful state. It is, in a way difficult to list them all. However, the number one reason why people move to South Florida, especially from colder areas, is definitely – weather. The tropical climate makes it a great place to live in, but you need to know what is it like to live here. We offer you the best cities in South Florida and the reasons to move there.

Florida weather
Is South Florida good for you? We say – yes!

Why move to South Florida?

We all know South Florida is a popular destination both for tourists and people who decide to move here. However, when you really think of South Florida move, you want to know the details of the lifestyle and opportunities that wait for you. Here are some of the reasons why it is a great idea to move to South Florida:

  • no state income tax – Florida state doesn’t have a state income tax, which is amazing! This means you’ll have more money to enjoy Florida’s amazing beaches, theme parks, and other advantages.
  • amazing weather – South Florida is one of the rare country’s places that offer such a nice weather all year round. If you are tired of cleaning the snow in front of your home or from your car in the morning, this place is perfect for you. However, hurricanes are sometimes happening, and that’s why the insurance rates are a bit higher than usual.
  • outdoor activities – when you have a day off in South Florida, it is impossible for you to be bored. Apart from the number one outdoor activity here – spending your day at the beach, you can do a lot more. South Florida is home to some of the world’s best theme parks, and sports activities are very popular, too. It is a place where you can enjoy your day alone, with friends or family – everybody will find something!
  • Diverse and cosmopolitan population/culture – cities like Miami are called Florida’s New York – and there is a good reason for that. The people you’ll meet here come from different countries and walks of life, which makes it an interesting, diverse and friendly place to live.
  • cheap housing/life costs – even though it is a popular and a great place to buy a home, housing rates in South Florida are very reasonable. Of course, you can always choose an expensive neighborhood, but you can also find homes at relatively cheap prices. Cost of living is also lower if you compare it to some other popular states in the country. What’s more to wish for?
Florida beach- what are best cities in South Florida
Flordia offers a lot, so it is difficult to choose the best cities in South Florida

What are the best cities in South Florida?

Among the thousands of miles of a beautiful coastline and beaches, natural spots, nightlife, and affordability, there is a lot to choose from. Your decision solely depends on your lifestyle and your needs. That’s why we offer a couple of different cities in Florida so you can choose according to your preference! Enjoy!

Weston – one of the best cities in South Florida for families

Let’s start with a small city in Broward County. It is perfect if you are moving with your family. The reason is – there are so many families living here compared to other cities, the schools are very successful, and it offers some great things to do, as well. You can choose between many museums, historical places, but also natural spots. The employment rate, house prices, and rents are around national average, so you don’t have much to worry about.


This one is a bit different. It is a small city – but a “high end” one. Its residents are quite wealthy and therefore high-end shopping opportunities, premium school system, and peaceful pedestrian areas. It is a city of gold courses, tourists, beautiful sunsets on the pier and – happy residents.

sunset pier
Enjoying a sunset on Fort Myers pear is possible if you live in Naples, one of the best cities in South Florida


The city of Orlando is slightly bigger than our previous choices, with the population of around 250,000. Orlando is very popular among tourists because of many theme parks and other attractions. Even so, it is quite affordable and the unemployment rate is lower than some other cities in the country. Another source of fun for Orland residents is definitely sports. You can always enjoy a game of football, basketball, hockey, etc. Great, isn’t it?


Valrico is kind of a suburb of Tampa, also one of the best cities in South Florida. It doesn’t have a lot of residents, which makes it peaceful and perfect for families. Another reason why to choose Valrico if you have a family is very low crime rate and very good education system.  It is quite affordable and balanced in terms of jobs and economy, so you choose Valrico as an unusual place to live in Florida.

Fort Lauderdale

This place is all about food – you can choose from many different cuisines and never get tired of it. The city offers a lot of things to do, it is also a perfect place for artists and it is called the Venice of America – what’s more, to like? Its canals and waterways are connected to the ocean and give it a special charm and atmosphere and that’s one of the reasons it is on the list of best cities in South Florida. With all of the advantages you get – it’s not that expensive, too! Even though some neighborhoods have higher housing rates, there are always parts of the city that offer cheaper options. If you plan on moving here, you can contact Fort Lauderdale movers to help you our and relocate your items safely and quickly.

Ready to move to Florida?

No matter how close and organized you are, moving to another state is a process you really need to plan to details. Sometimes, rules about housing, driving, and transportation are different in different states, so you need to be very careful. If you decide to move to Florida, hiring reliable movers in Miami is a safe option. However, be careful to choose trustworthy professionals and ask and check all the details about your move.

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