Benefits of moving to Wynwood

moving to Wynwood

If you are making plans for moving to Miami, Wynwood could be just the right neighborhood for you. Moving to Wynwood can be the best decision you ever made. However, you should make sure to get to know more facts about it before you relocate. Every neighborhood in Miami has something to offer, and Wynwood is becoming more popular with newcomers every year.

If you are relocating for the first time, consider hiring professional help. Moving companies from North Miami Beach can help you plan, pack and move without additional complications. If you are moving last minute, professional Miami movers will help you cut down the moving costs. You can get more information on If you keep reading, you can find some of the benefits of moving to Wynwood, and why it could be the right place for your new home. After all, so many people moving to this neighborhood made a huge impact on it. Transformation of Wynwood made one of the most popular parts of Miami to start a new life in.

Facts about Wynwood

Wynwood is a neighborhood in Miami, Florida, located north of Downtown Miami. It is one of the neighborhoods with the highest score for walkability. This neighborhood is a great place to live for everyone moving to Wynwood, especially young and artsy people. It is a home to many funky restaurants, bars, cafes and local stores. Although Wynwood used to be an industrial part of Miami, during the last decade it has become a mecca for artists from all over the world. Moreover, over 30 artists from all around the world participated in making the famous Wynwood’s graffiti, also known as Wynwood walls. Colorful murals are attracting more tourists and newcomers who are moving to Wynwood.

wynwood wall
Wynwood is a home to many funky restaurants, bars, cafes and local stores. Enjoy walking the streets and enjoying the view of the famous Wynwood’s graffiti.

This neighborhood became popular as the one with many local Puerto Ricans. Since most of them are owners of the local cafes and restaurant, the neighborhood got a nickname – “Little San Huan”. Nowadays, colorful buildings and graffiti walls are what makes Wynwood so unique and interesting.

Besides having attractive facades, this Miami neighborhood has become a place for new investments, especially since the 2000s. All the old buildings and warehouses were remodeled and became a haven for artists and alternative millennials. Expensive condos and attractive shopping areas are attracting more people every day. While locals say they miss “the old Wynwood”, young newcomers like the neighborhood becoming more urban and popular. One of the reasons for moving to Wynwood is noticeably lower crime rate, comparing to the last 20 years.

5 reasons for moving to Wynwood

It’s a mecca for artists and fashion lovers

If you are a millennial moving to Wynwood, it might be just the right place for you. It offers a lot more than just body training on sandy beaches and checking out celebrities. If you are in love with art, local Puerto Rican cuisine, moving to Wynwood can be great for you. Local shops and bigger shopping malls are all around.

It’s a great place to raise children

Besides single millennials, more families are moving to Wynwood every year. Since the crime rate has lowered, this neighborhood has become a safer place to raise children. While fancy condos are popping up on every corner, there are many walking areas around. Also, healthcare in this neighborhood is very low-cost. During the summer days, the water playground of Roberto Clemente Park is very popular with kids.

Wynwood’s fabulous culture and nightlife

If you are into salsa and reggaetón, you should move to Wynwood. This is the place where you can never be bored. Besides many cafeterias and bars, you will most likely stumble upon a place where people dance all night long. After a long night of dancing, art lovers can visit many classic and modern art galleries.

Wynwood for millenials
Wynwood is the place where you can never be bored. It’s perfect for young artists as well as for families with children.

It’s one of the most walkable areas in Miami.

Since the traffic is mostly jammed in Miami, Wynwood has a perfect way of escaping the crowded streets. There are plenty of side streets where people drive through in order to avoid the busy Miami Avenue. Wynwood is also very close and has a good connection to downtown Miami.

Perfect for all alternative lifestyle away from South Beach

For all the alternatives moving to Miami, Wynwood is a perfect choice. If you don’t like the stereotypical Miami vibe, this is the place to move to.

Things you shouldn’t miss after moving to Wynwood

If you made the decision about moving to Wynwood, take a look at the following list. It will help you make a tour through the neighborhood and not miss the best attractions:

salsa dancing
Food, fashion, art, nightlife…you name it! This is the neighborhood in Miami thriving with art and culture. Don’t miss visiting famous salsa dancing spots!
  • The food – it’s amazing in Wynwood. Don’t miss trying out both local and alternative cuisine. This is what the neighborhood is famous for.
  • Enjoying the sightseeing! Whether you like to walk, run or ride a bike – Wynwood is perfect for any sort of recreation. The best part is – it is never boring here. Beautiful murals and colorful buildings will put a smile on everyone’s face.
  • Live music and world-class DJs. If you are looking forward to listening to Enrique Iglesias and Pitbull performing live, you should look forward to moving to Wynwood. Miami is famous for its vivid nightlife, and so is Wynwood.
  • High-class fashion is everywhere. It’s a known fact that Wynwood is Miami’s original fashion district. Besides famous world designers’ shops, you could easily stumble upon a live fashion show. If you love fashion, this is the neighborhood in Miami you should move to.

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